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Mission and Vision of Nova Singers

Nova Singers logo

(954) 683-8866

Nova Southeastern University
Nova Singers / Division of ACR
3300 S. University Drive,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33328-2004

Tickets: NSU's secure Marketplace


Through the pursuit of excellence in performing choral music, the Nova Singers enrich Southeast Florida’s cultural arts endeavors and create a community of performers from all walks of life who enjoy singing.


By upholding the highest standards in the preparation and performance of classical and contemporary choral repertoire, the Nova Singers inspire audiences throughout the community and provide an outlet for area residents to engage fully in the lifelong art of choral music. In addition, the Nova Singers encourage and engage in collaboration with other musical groups in the community, both choral and instrumental, to foster a broader musical experience and enrich musical excellence in the cultural arts.

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