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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that has not been addressed, please submit your question to the Learning and Educational Center at


Yes, the labs will be equipped with the same technology as the classrooms.

You can set the view to include both or one; It is customizable.

The current plans have one monitor. A workaround for an additional monitor is to use a laptop or another device and join from that as a student. This will give you an additional view.

If there are in-ceiling microphones, the Extron panel will allow you to control, and mute the microphones.

Yes, there is a screen that the in-class students will be able to see.

Thumb drives can no longer be used at the podium.  Ideally, files should be stored on OneDrive or Sharkmedia for large video files.  Canvas can also be used to store files.

The camera will follow the instructor.  When the instructor moves to classroom area, he/she will appear in the 2nd camera that shows the students.

Mics are being installed in the classrooms.

When you share, it will automatically show your content. The cameras control if the presenter or the students will be shown.

You are able to share applications as well within Zoom. A recommendation is to test it out first to make sure it works properly.

Yes, audio and/or video can be enabled. As the host, you have control to mute/unmute them.

When you create a poll in the scheduled meeting you can save the scheduled meeting as a template and the poll is saved as well so the next time you create a meeting you can use the template and the poll will be included.
The podium computers are touch screen and a stylus will be provided at the podium for the touchscreens.
Private messages between participants are not viewable by the host.  You have options that you can set in zoom to control private chats.

Processes and Procedures

Once OIIT has completed the installations, there will be opportunities to practice in the classroom.  We also will have a practice room in DeSantis available.

No. There are variations of the equipment in different rooms.  There is a basic setup that will be in most of the rooms. OIIT will give more specific details at a later date.

OIIT will provide information on how this will be handled.  As another solution, the LEC will be collaborating with the College of Undergraduate Studies in training undergraduate students called Room Sharks to assist in the different buildings.

Faculty may not bring their own mics.  Some colleges are looking into purchasing microphone heads for each faculty member that gets attached to the base and can be wiped down.

The attendance piece will be up to the college. Faculty will need to discuss this with their chairs/colleges.

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