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Career Ambassadors 2015

Career Ambassadors Overview

  • Career Development implemented the Career Ambassador (CA) program in August 2012. What started as a small team has grown into a team of 10 undergraduate students who represent the office in a way that the professional staff is unable to. They are student leaders on campus and provide a peer to peer perspective about the many services that we offer. The CAs are a ream of enthusiastic, relatable, and innovative students who help the office build excitement and awareness to the events that we host as an office. The CAs support the mission and vision of the office – to support NSU students and alumni in the implementation of successful career plans. The CAs also serve as a vital role in helping to connect students to not only our office and the services we offer but also connecting students to employers. They are educated in the services that we offer and can help guide other students in for appointments in a variety of areas including self-exploration, major and career exploration, securing jobs and internships, graduate or professional school planning, and resume or cover letter help.
  • The Career Ambassador team is highly motivated in creating events that target the needs of students from various majors and fields. They also help to bring a relatable and fun side to the office by planning such things as socials, BBQs, and a Holiday Extravaganza. Through helping other students gain awareness about Career Development they are also building their own leadership and professional skills.

Each CA has a different role in the team but they all share some common responsibilities:

  • Attend and support career-related events and programs
  • Serve as a "buddy" to attend career-related events or visit the office
  • Inform students about the many services and resources Career Development offers
  • Created pre-event buzz my making classroom announcements about large upcoming events, meet with student organizations through IOC meetings to keep other campus organizations updated about the events we are hosting
  • Use promotional tactics such as social media and tabling events like SEA Thursday to create student to student connections
  • Take photos or videos at career-related events to post on social media outlets to promote Career Development
  • Attend one-hour weekly group meetings and attend half hour bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with graduate assistant supervisor
  • Dedicate at least 6 hours a week to the position
  • Meet other student leaders from across campus
  • Gain an inside perspective and network within Career Development
  • CAs always have someone who can help them find a job, work on their resume, or practice for an interview
  • On-campus employment with flexible hours while still having the support of a team
  • Creative influence in Career Development events
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