Staff List

If you have any general questions or comments for Career Development, please fill out and submit our contact us form. A member of our staff will address your question or concern as soon as possible.

Name Title Phone
Shari Saperstein Assistant Dean for Student First Year and Transitional Programs 262-7201
Diane Klein Associate Director of Career Development 262-7203
Megan Burns Assistant Director of Career Development 262-7097 email
Mignon Bissonnette Associate Director for Career Advisement and Pre Professional Services 262-7239 email
Niemah Butler Assistant Director for Employer Relations and Internships 262-7234 email
Katie Gittleman Assistant Director of Graduate Transitions 262-7008
Emilio Lorenzo Assistant Director of Career Advisement 262-7207
Emily Dahlin Coordinator of Campus Relations and Student Outreach 262-7206
Jacquelyn Pires Career Adviser 262-7205
Emily Tasca Career Adviser 262-7191
Hernan Rico Career Adviser 262-7007
David Belliard Career Adviser 262-7201
Jennifer Utroska Career Adviser 262-7201
Kimberly Millette Career Adviser 262-7335
Annie Uzar Coordinator of Career Development 262-7201
Wanda Martinez Title V Grant Coordinator 262-7204