Regional Campuses

Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses

The Office of Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses exists to foster student success and a university community at the NSU's Regional Campuses. The Office serves as the liaison between the main campus and the Regional Campuses in order to provide an array of services and opportunities for all Regional Campus students.

The Student Affairs assistant director, located at each Regional Campus, assists students with information concerning the Shark Card ID, Career Development, Tutoring Services, Disability Services, Library Training, and much more. For your Student Affairs Assistant director's work hours, please view your respective Regional Campuses', located to the right.

The Office of Student Affairs is conveniently open in the evenings and on Saturdays to be available for students. Student Affairs also keeps a student lounge available to students with comfortable seating, study areas, and other amenities to give students a place to unwind, gather, and study.

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