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Spanish Placement Exam

The Spanish placement exam is available for students who would like to be evaluated on their Spanish language abilities and thereby be placed in the appropriate level Spanish course. The exam is scheduled for 90 minutes. If you wish to take this exam to see what level you would place into, please do the following:

  1. Discuss it with your academic advisor. Your advisor will refer students, as appropriate, to Testing Services to enable them to complete the Spanish Placement Exam. Arrange an appointment time to take your Spanish placement exam by making an appointment with Testing Services in the Tutoring and Testing Center at (954) 262-8374.
  2. Students can take the Spanish placement exam only once. This exam must be taken prior to enrollment in a SPAN course.

  3. Be aware that if you attempt to make your appointment too late, you may be unable to secure an appointment in time to meet the deadline.

Your score will be given to you upon completion of the exam. You should then share your results with your advisor.

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