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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tutoring and Testing Center offers Peer Academic Consultants (PAC), a service designed to help give you the edge in the classroom and beyond. During a PAC session, students will meet with a staff member who will tailor the meeting to their specific academic needs, aspirations,and goals. Learn more about PAC at NSU by selecting your question on the drop-down menu below:

Peer Academic Consultants work with students one-on-one to develop or strengthen their academic skills. They assist NSU students with any academic concerns or perceived obstacles to the student’s success. Common topics discussed during a Coaching session are:

  • Priority and time-management
  • Setting goals
  • Strategies for learning, studying, and test preparation
  • Balancing your studies with university life
  • Motivation
  • And many more!

No, there are distinct differences between these services. Advising is developing a course plan that meets university requirements to achieve your degree. Peer Academic Consultants supports that academic plan by facilitating detail-orientated goals to achieve academic success. We focus on the “nitty-gritty” aspects of your academics to make sure you are meeting your own expectations. It is recommended that students are actively engaging in advising and coaching to create a well-rounded plan.


PAC appointments can be scheduled through the Navigate system, accessible through your SharkLink. Here is a short tutorial on how to use the Navigate system to schedule 45-minute individualized coaching appointment:


Bring your planner or calendar, class schedule, work schedule if you have a part-time job, and the times for any other weekly commitments that you have. You should also bring assignment descriptions, syllabi, class notes, questions, or whatever you would like to work on with your PAC.

The Tutoring and Testing Center is located in the Student Affairs Building (SAB) on the Second Floor. Check in at the Tutoring front desk and have a seat in the waiting area. For first time appointments, there is a short intake form to complete while you wait for your PAC appointment to begin.

For Fall 2023 semester Graduate Students have the options to meet with a Graduate PAC via Zoom.

It’s up to you! You can select a specific PAC through the Navigate system when signing up for your appointment. We’re a team, so if you’d like to interact with a new personality or style, you are welcome to. Learn more about our Peer Academic Consultants by viewing their staff profile.

This is determined by the student and the PAC, although we would like to see a student more than one time. The best PAC sessions typically occur when a student sets up appointments on a consistent basis throughout the semester.

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