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Academic Success Coaching

The Tutoring and Testing Center offers Academic Success Coaching, a service designed to help give you the edge in the classroom and beyond. During a Success Coaching session, students will meet with a staff member who will tailor the meeting to his/her specific academic needs, aspirations,and goals.  Success Coaches will help students with issues pertinent to academic success, including but not limited to the following: time management, goal setting, study skills, reading comprehension, and academic planning.

In any given Academic Coaching session, students can expect to work on one or more of the following items:


Learning to plan ahead effectively. Coaches are going to work with you to streamline existing planning skills to make them even more potent.


When working on goal-setting, Coaches will be asking you the tough questions. "Where do you want to be NOW?" "How does this immediate goal impact your future goals?" and "How do you plan on getting there?"

School - Life Balance

Keeping up with your studies and balancing the other aspects of your life can be a challenge even for the most stalwart of Sharks. Work with your academic coach to evaluate the best possible balance you can have in your life.

Test Taking Strategies

Mastery in college is shown through your performance on exams. Examine your own test taking strategies and sharpen your skills to be as prepared as possible for any question that comes your way.

Connecting with Resources

You do not have to go it alone in college. Let our coaches guide you to the wonderful resources NSU has to offer to make your college life a success.

Study Skills 

Our coaches will equip you with the necessary tools to study with mastery. Take these skills and apply them to any discipline you choose to pursue.

Time Management

Time is your most precious resource in college. Develop realistic study plans that will incorporate the variables present in your life. Prioritization of obligations into smaller, less daunting tasks and concepts will be key to maximizing your achievement.

Motivation/Growth Mindset 

Skills that you learn here and now will not only affect your college career, but your professional life as well. Finding the drive to dominate your field is vital to every student. Coaches will empower you to find that motivation within you!



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