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Physics SI Leaders

Physics SI Leaders

PHYS 2350

Basir Khan

Hi my name is Basir Khan and I’m a rising junior here at NSU.  I’m excited to be first time SI leader for physics 1(PHYS 2350) with Dr. Kiene. I’m majoring in both biology and behavioral neuroscience with a pre-dental track. I chose to be an SI, after finding that I enjoyed tutoring and helping my friends in certain tough subjects. I not only realized that I enjoy it but I also realized that it helps me with learning subjects too. I wanted to help more students and SI was the best way to achieve that. Outside of classes, I’m also involved in the TEDxNSU Club, the Village Mentors Club, and I’m also a Lab Assistant for General Chemistry 1. 3 fun facts about myself include, i love cats, I play basketball almost everyday, and once I start a show I like I have to binge watch the entire thing and finish it in a few days.

PHYS 2360

Sara Hassan

My name is Sara Hassan and I am a SI Leader for Physics II. I am a student in the Dual D.O program, with a major in Biology and a minor in Psychology. I decided to choose SI to serve as a mentor and help students navigate through their pre-med courses. As a pre-med, I participate in various organizations such as the Chemistry Club and Junior Peds. 3 fun facts about me are: I am a Registered Behavioral Technician & love helping children with disabilities, my favorite food is sushi, and I have three younger siblings. 

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