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Physics SI Leaders

Physics SI Leaders

PHYS 2350

Teya Plastich 
My name is Teya Plastich, I am a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Physics I. I am majoring in biology and am a Dual Admission Osteopathic Medicine student. Being an SI Leader has given me a unique opportunity to impact the academic journeys of my peers, all the while, building on countless transferable skills including communication, leadership, and problem solving. I am an avid member of the Project Sunshine Club and am also the Events Coordinator for the NSU Surfing Club. I had the opportunity to be a UNIV Peer Leader as well as Student Success Mentor.  A fun fact about me is that I am from Toronto, Canada and love playing lacrosse.

PHYS 2360

Bhumika Balani

My name is Bhumika Balani. I am a sophomore, health informatics major, and I am also part of the dual DO program. I am an SI for Physics 1. I chose to become an SI because I enjoy helping my peers and I enjoyed the class. Additionally, my experience with SILs has been very positive and I want to have that impact on others also. I am part of HOSA (Health Occupations of Students of America), and I am part of NSU Maasti, which is a Bollywood fusion dance team at NSU. Some fun facts about myself are that I love the Harry Potter series and I love everything Bollywood.  

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