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Peer Academic Consultants (PAC)

Meet the PAC

Logan King

Peer Academic Consultant

My name is Logan King and I am a Junior from Sarasota Florida. I am majoring in Elementary Education with an ESOL Reading endorsement and I am a part of the Razors Edge Shark Teach program and Fischler Academy. I personally enjoy assisting others with setting goals, balance between school and life, and motivation!  These three areas of guidance have helped me have a successful, manageable, and fun time at NSU so far and I am looking forward to guiding you guys on your journey through college.

Karissa Sanford

Peer Academic Consultant

Hello! My name is Karissa. I used to struggle as a student, but once I got to college I adopted new habits and started to succeed, so I know what it is like to need a little help. One of the most beneficial experiences I've had in college is finding a good friend group. I didn't have many friends back home, but once I started college I put myself out there and got connected. I know a lot about time management, and I give great advice on getting connected in the NSU community. 

Khayreyah Eidan

Peer Academic Consultant

My name is Khayreyah Eidan and I am a first-year Clinical Psychology PsyD student here at NSU.  I'm also an international student from Kuwait and can help you navigate life transitions that come with moving to a new country/state/city, starting a new program, semester, major, etc. Coming from a psychology background, my goal is to help you find the perfect balance between your health, social life, academic career. I prioritize mental and physical well-being above all else, once those are taken care of, the academic success and social life goals will follow! I look forward to working with you one-on-one and helping you manage anything you need help with!

Sydney Brooks

Peer Academic Consultant

Hi I’m Sydney, I'm from the Bronx. I am an English Education major. I enjoy being a PAC because I am able to help others. On my free time, I love to read, dance, listen to music and go to the gym.

Leah Froehlich

Peer Academic Consultant

My name is Leah Froehlich and I am a senior in the Fischler Academy and Razor's Edge Shark Teach programs majoring in Elementary Education. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the transition from living at home to living so far away was scary at first, but through making new friends, learning to manage my time, and connecting with my NSU community I have been able to be successful so far from home! I look forward to helping you comfortably and successfully make your transition from high school to college life!

Sebastian Alberto Henriquez Abrue

Hello! My name is Sebastian Henriquez and I am a first-year MBA student from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Throughout high school and college, I have studied and interned in Denmark, Spain, and North Carolina. Such abroad experiences have strengthened my cross cultural knowledge and interpersonal traits, but most importantly, they have taught me that uncertainty is part of life and that we should always identify any resources at our disposal to move forward. I know your time in college might not be exactly what you expected due to unforeseen challenges, however, you are not alone in your college journey; I am here to help you navigate those difficult times and also available to connect with anyone who is hesitant about studying away due to intrusive feelings. I look forward to see you!

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