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Academic Success Coaches

Meet the Academic Success Coaches

Lauren Hutsch

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Hutsch and I am an elementary education major from Denver, Colorado. I am very passionate about mental health, as well as helping others in stress management and their overall wellbeing. As a student, I felt that I was never taught about managing the school-life balance and other important factors of academic success. I want to help others to prevent them from experiencing the same thing!

Logan King

Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Logan King and I am a Junior from Sarasota Florida. I am majoring in Elementary Education with an ESOL Reading endorsement and I am a part of the Razors Edge Shark Teach program and Fischler Academy. I personally enjoy assisting others with setting goals, balance between school and life, and motivation!  These three areas of guidance have helped me have a successful, manageable, and fun time at NSU so far and I am looking forward to guiding you guys on your journey through college.

Karissa Sanford

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello! My name is Karissa. I used to struggle as a student, but once I got to college I adopted new habits and started to succeed, so I know what it is like to need a little help. One of the most beneficial experiences I've had in college is finding a good friend group. I didn't have many friends back home, but once I started college I put myself out there and got connected. I know a lot about time management, and I give great advice on getting connected in the NSU community. 

Khayreyah Eidan

My name is Khayreyah Eidan and I am a first-year Clinical Psychology PsyD student here at NSU.  I'm also an international student from Kuwait and can help you navigate life transitions that come with moving to a new country/state/city, starting a new program, semester, major, etc. Coming from a psychology background, my goal is to help you find the perfect balance between your health, social life, academic career. I prioritize mental and physical well-being above all else, once those are taken care of, the academic success and social life goals will follow! I look forward to working with you one-on-one and helping you manage anything you need help with!

Sydney Brooks

Hi I’m Sydney, Im from the Bronx. I am an English Education major. I enjoy being a success coach because I am able to help others. On my free time, I love to read, dance, listen to music and go to the gym.
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