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Academic Success Coaches

Meet the Academic Success Coaches

Carlos Acacio

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello everyone! I'm Carlos Acacio, an international student from Venezuela and a computer science education major part of the Fischler Academy and Razors Edge Shark Teach. Some of my biggest strengths are goal setting, scheduling, time management, and learning how to adapt. These skills I have developed as time passed but being international has really pushed me into growing and perfecting them much more as adapting to a different system from high school and to a different country than my own is not an easy process. I look forward to meeting with everyone and offering you all my assistance!

Taaron Branch

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello everyone! My name is Taaron Branch, and I am a third year double major in general education and psychology student from Maryland. I am a part of Razors Edge Shark Teach, the Fischler Academy, and an active member of the black student union. I wanted to become an academic success coach because I wanted to help students who went through similar situations that I did. Since my freshman year I've dealt with struggles of homesickness, lack of efficient study tactics, time management, smart spending habits, school work life balance making friends ect. Since I started coaching, I've been able to help students with time management, find different resources to study for finals and advise students on how to get more engaged on campus. My favorite area to coach is time management because it is the area I have the most experience in and its something I'm still working on myself; thus the more time I spend learning about time management the more I learn how it affects other areas of my life.

Julie Coomes

Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Julie Coomes, and I am from Naples Florida. This will be my second year as an Academic Success Coach and I believe that my favorite part is the connections I make with the students that come and see me. One of the most important parts about helping students is putting yourself in their shoes and figuring out how you can help them. I really love helping students find the perfect balance of school and their personal life. Nothing feels better than hearing from the students how much they have excelled after coming to see me! 

Lauren Hutsch

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Hutsch and I am an elementary education major from Denver, Colorado. I am very passionate about mental health, as well as helping others in stress management and their overall wellbeing. As a student, I felt that I was never taught about managing the school-life balance and other important factors of academic success. I want to help others to prevent them from experiencing the same thing!

Logan King

Peer Academic Success Coach

My name is Logan King and I am a Junior from Sarasota Florida. I am majoring in Elementary Education with an ESOL Reading endorsement and I am a part of the Razors Edge Shark Teach program and Fischler Academy. I personally enjoy assisting others with setting goals, balance between school and life, and motivation!  These three areas of guidance have helped me have a successful, manageable, and fun time at NSU so far and I am looking forward to guiding you guys on your journey through college.

Stephanie Melville

Academic Success Coach

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Melville, and I am from Pembroke Pines, Florida. I am a second-year graduate student in NSU's M.S. in College Student Affairs program. I graduated summa cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Leadership and HR Development. I am a first-generation graduate and am currently the Graduate Assistant for Campus Visit Experience in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at NSU. I enjoy working with students and am dedicated to supporting and mentoring students to grow and achieve success. I have skills in organization and time management.  I look forward to meeting you all this semester! 

Karissa Sanford

Peer Academic Success Coach

Hello! My name is Karissa. I used to struggle as a student, but once I got to college I adopted new habits and started to succeed, so I know what it is like to need a little help. One of the most beneficial experiences I've had in college is finding a good friend group. I didn't have many friends back home, but once I started college I put myself out there and got connected. I know a lot about time management, and I give great advice on getting connected in the NSU community. 

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