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Employee International Cellular Loaner Program

The Telecommunications department has instituted an International Loaner Program. Telecommunications will be providing six (6) 9930 Blackberry international devices with International charging devices. These phones will be made available to all departments. The traveler will need to contact his/her Department Telecommunications Contact (who is authorized to place the order and to provide the appropriate account code).

The Telecom contacts need to send an email notification to the Telecommunications Department ( at least a week in advance. The Telecommunications Contact needs to identify the cities and countries to which the traveler is going, the date the traveler will be departing the US, and the date the traveler will be arriving back in the US. The device is to be used only for emergencies. All usage charges will be the responsibility of the department requesting the International Device. The device must be returned to the Telecommunications Department within one week of return.

When the traveler picks up the phone from Telecommunications, he/she will sign a receipt indicating they have picked up the phone. The terms and conditions are outlined on the receipt.

Please note that this program has been designed for users who travel infrequently or for those who do not have an NSU issued International cell phone. If the user travels internationally on a regular basis, Telecommunications recommends that the user purchase through NSU an international phone as their main NSU issued cell phone.

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