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Telephone Help Guide

Dialing Out

Local Calls:

Long Distance Calls*:

International Calls*:

9 + (area code) + XXX-XXXX

9 + 1 + (area code) + XXX-XXXX

9 + 011 + (country code) + (int’l number)

*Please note: call types marked with an asterisk require special dialing permissions. If you need to make this type of call and are unable to do so, or if you need to be assigned an SDN access code for international dialing, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Calling Card Calls

If you need to place a call which should be charged to your personal calling card, please use the 800 access number for your personal long distance provider. This 800 number is usually printed on the back of your calling card.

Operator Assisted Calls

It is not possible to place a 0+ call from our campus. If you require the assistance of a local or long distance operator, please call our switchboard by dialing 0.

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