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Conference Calls

To Place Conference Calls (2 - 5 people):

  • Press <CONF> [dial tone]

The present call is put on hold. You will hear a dial tone; all of the other parties remain connected to each other.

  • Dial the number of the new party and wait for an answer
  • You can privately discuss the call with the new party at this time; if there is no answer or the line is busy, return to the held call by pressing the respective button.
  • Press <CONF> again.

All parties are now connected

  • Repeat the steps above for additional conference connections.

To Place a Bridged Conference Call (more than 6 persons):

A Conference Call Bridge should be used whenever more than five callers need to be on one call.

NSU Shark Conferencing

ITT presents NSU Shark Conferencing. Shark Conferencing is an in-house conference bridge that allows unlimited participants at no charge to the department (Free). Please ask your department Telecommunications Contact for directions to set up an account in TED (Telecommunications Engineering Database). After that, all you need to do is create a conference room and then dial into (954) 262-CONF or x22663.

CenturyLink Reservationless Meeting

To order a CenturyLink Reservationless Meeting Room Conference Account, please contact Telecommunications Services at This conference service is only used under special circumstances. CenturyLink charges $.035 per minute, per call.

It is very important that you provide Telecommunications Services with your Department ID code in the Billing Code Field as "ACCOUNT CODE XXXXXX".

Once you complete the Account Request, you will receive your new Meeting Room number and dialing instructions. Keep a record of this information. It is your permanent Meeting Room Conference and is available for your use 24 X 7.

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