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Telephone System Features

Abbreviated Dial (SPEED DIAL)

To program telephone numbers on your speed dial

  • Press *001 + selected personal list item number. You may use digits 0 thru 9 (example:  *0012)
  • Then enter telephone number to be programmed followed by # to finish (you should hear confirmation tone if correct), include 9 if an outside call and 1 if long distance. (example: *0012918005551234#)
  • To call programmed number, dial *01 and personal list item number to be dialed  (example:  *012)

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Automatic Callback

To automatically place another call to an extension that was busy, or did not answer

  • Press the Automatic Callback button (or press *55) during the call attempt
  • Hang up
  • You will hear a 3-burst priority ring when the called extension is idle
  • Answer the call, or go off-hook, and the other party will be called

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Call Forward All Calls

To temporarily redirect all calls to another extension

  • Press Call Forward button (or press *22)
  • Dial extension where calls are to be sent
  • Hang up
  • To Cancel Call Forward
  • Press Call Forward button (or press #22)

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Call Park

To park a call to your extension for retrieval at any extension

  • Press transfer button
  • Press Call Park button (or dial *66)
  • Hang up
  • To retrieve a parked call
  • Dial answer back code, #66
  • Dial extension where call is parked
  • You are connected to party

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Call Pickup

To answer a call placed to a member of your call pickup group

  • Press Call Pickup button (or dial *77)
  • You are connected to party

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Conference Calls

Conference Calls (to add another party to a call (for up to six parties Conference Calls))

  • Press <CONF> [dial tone]

The present call is put on hold, and you are given a new call appearance; all of the other parties remain connected to each other.

  • Dial the number of the new party and wait for an answer
  • You can privately discuss the call with the new party at this time; if there is no answer or the line is busy, pressing the extension on hold to return to the held call
  • Press <CONF> again.

All parties are now connected

  • Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for additional conference connections.

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To send a call to a person with Send Calls on

  • Press Transfer
  • Press Consult
  • Dial Extension
  • Press Transfer

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To put a call on hold

  • Press Hold
  • To answer a new call while active on another
  • Press Hold
  • Press call appearance

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To see who is holding on a line

  • Press Inspect button
  • Press Call on hold
  • Press Normal button (or exit button if you have an 8410D or an 8434)
  • Answer the call you need to get back to

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Last Number Dialed

To automatically redial the last number you dialed

  • Press the Redial button (or *99)

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To prevent other party from hearing you

  • Press Mute; red light goes on
  • When you are ready to resume conversation with other party, press Mute again; red light goes off

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Priority Calling

To place a priority call (3 burst ring)

  • Press Priority button (or *11)
  • Dial extension number

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Select Ring

To select personalized ring

  • Touch Select and then press Ring
  • Continue to press Ring cycle through all 8 patterns
  • When you hear the desired ring pattern, press Select

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Send All Calls

To send all calls (except priority calls) immediately to coverage

  • Press the SAC button (or dial *33)
  • To cancel send all calls
  • Press the SAC button again (or dial #33)

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To test the voice terminal lights

  • While on hook, press the Select button; select lamp will light
  • Touch Drop
  • Release Drop button to end test

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  • To send present call to another extension
  • Press Transfer; call is automatically put on hold
  • Dial number to which call is to be transferred
  • Press Transfer again
  • Hang up

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