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Educator Competency Framework Frequently Asked Questions

What are competencies?

Competencies are comprised of knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) that are essential for a particular profession. Competencies are often used to define job descriptions and measure performance.


What is the Educator Competency Framework?

A competency framework is a model that identifies and defines a set of competencies that are relevant to a particular profession or role. Competency frameworks provide clear expectations and can serve as a foundation for program development and performance assessment and management. NSU’s Educator Competency Framework is comprised of five competency categories. Each category includes a description along with related KSAs.


How was the Educator Competency Framework developed?

The framework was developed through several Faculty Advisory Council meetings and a series of review rounds as part of a structured Delphi process. 


How can the Educator Competency Framework be used at NSU?

The Learning and Educational Center (LEC) plans to use this framework as a guide for faculty development programming and professional development initiatives. We encourage other NSU colleges, academic departments, and offices to use this framework as they see fit to plan, develop, implement, and engage in professional development.



Where can I find professional development opportunities that align with the competency categories?

Visit LEC’s Workshop Calendar for upcoming events. Also, stay tuned to the LEC’s Weekly Newsletter for resources that align with the Educator Competency Framework. College and department programming may also provide professional development opportunities.


Where can I direct my comments or questions regarding the Educator Competency Framework?

Please contact Dr. Marti Snyder, Director of Faculty Professional Development at or Alfreda Francis, Assistant Director of Faculty Professional Development at

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