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Benefits of Blogging in Education

Issue Date: 09-06-2019

Blogging has been widely used by individuals and businesses for informal postings online. Now, the instructional potential of blogs has been increasingly acknowledged. Blogs can be used as group discussion, peer review and collaborated project. Blogging about a subject is more engaging than simply reading.  

Benefits of Blogging for Students  

  • Promote self-expression  
  • Develop analytical thinking 
  • Exercise students’ creativity  
  • Improve students’ writing skills 
  • Encourages the sharing of resources among students and teachers 

Blogging gives students the opportunities to speak their ‘unique voices’. Students can practice their communication and conversation skills when they comment on others’ postings or reply to others’ feedback on their blogs. Blogging can also help students be courteous and thoughtful.  

Blogging develops students’ analytical thinking and increases learning to a higher level, not merely just “understanding” and "remembering” instructional materialsBefore their thoughts can be written down, students need to analyze the subject and then clarify their thoughts about the subjectThen, they need to carefully formulate and stand by their own opinions. Blogging encourages students to contemplate how their opinions might be interpreted and reflected upon by others.  

Blogging facilitates creative expression when they develop original content and layout of their blogs. Students can be creative in terms of customizing the themesselecting relevant images or videos, and designing the layout. This is the visual platform in which students can express themselves. Blogging can turn learning into a fun process.  

Blogging involves a lot of writing. However, an improvement in writing skills doesn’t come automatically. Instructors need to give explicit directions at the beginning of the project as far as; step-by-step directions on how to bloghow to be authentichow to support your opinions, as well as communicate expectations for the learner.  

Guidelines and Expectations of Blogging 

Before asking students to start commenting on a subject, instructors need to develop clear guidelines and expectations for your students.  

Some acceptable blogging policies are listed below 

  • Stay on topic 
  • No spam, chain message, hoaxes in the comments 
  • Follow netiquette rules and respect for others 
  • Offer some concrete suggestions 

Benefits of Blogging for Instructors 

From the instructor’s point of view, blogs can be used for their own professional development. It promotes the exchange of their teaching experiences or ideas for transforming education. In addition, instructors’ are able to share where to find free software and educational tools 

Suggested Blogging Platforms for Education

Edublogs can be used as instructional resources, in which teachers can post tips, explanations or samples to help students learn. 

Blogger is free and relatively easy to use. There are no setup or upgrade fees.  

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