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How To Self Enroll in Application Training

Issue Date: 08-31-2018

Application trainings for faculty and staff will now take place in Canvas.

Step 1:

To self-enroll in an application training, go to and sign in.

Self Enroll

Step 2:

Once signed in, you will be presented with your NSU profile.

Self Enroll 2

Step 3:

Go to Navigation menu on the left side and locate the Applications shortcut.

Self Enroll 3

Step 4:

Locate the Canvas application icon. The icon will have a circled “i” below it that will provide you with additional information regarding the application.

Self Enroll 6

Step 5:

After selecting the additional information icon you will be presented with Canvas’s Application Page.

Self Enroll 4

Step 6:

Scroll down and locate FACULTY/STAFF SELF ENROLL CLASSES. A list of trainings will be available. Click on the training title and you will be enrolled.

Self Enroll 5

Canvas Training

Canvas trainings are scheduled throughout September. Trainings can be attended in person or online. Click here for training dates and registration. Sign in with your NSU username and password, select My Traincaster, and browse the Classroom Calendar.

Upcoming Session Dates:




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