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How To Self Enroll in Application Training

Issue Date: 08-31-2018

Application trainings for faculty and staff will now take place in Canvas.

Step 1:

To self-enroll in an application training, go to and sign in.

Self Enroll

Step 2:

Once signed in, you will be presented with your NSU profile.

Self Enroll 2

Step 3:

Go to Navigation menu on the left side and locate the Applications shortcut.

Self Enroll 3

Step 4:

Locate the Canvas application icon. The icon will have a circled “i” below it that will provide you with additional information regarding the application.

Self Enroll 6

Step 5:

After selecting the additional information icon you will be presented with Canvas’s Application Page.

Self Enroll 4

Step 6:

Scroll down and locate FACULTY/STAFF SELF ENROLL CLASSES. A list of trainings will be available. Click on the training title and you will be enrolled.

Self Enroll 5

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