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NSU Center for Collaborative Research

NIH All of Us Research Program at NSU

NSU faculty, staff, and students can access centralized, secure, cloud-based information to execute rapid, hypothesis-driven research. Available data can be found listed in the below image and more information about registering can be found at


Requirements to gain access:

  1. Each individual will need to register to access the database.
    1. You will be required to use an NSU computer and NSU email to register.
  2. During the registration process you will be asked for the device name of your computer.
    1. OIIT will approve that your device meets the requirements of the database.
  3. After approval, you will be required to complete a slide show, attestation form, and training session.
  4. All users will be required to comply with the Vanderbilt and All of Us Data User Code of Conduct. User activity will be monitored and a user’s authorization can be terminated if usage discrepancies are found.


 Data now available in the Researcher Workbench


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