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NSU Research Space Allocation

It is recognized that quality research space is necessary to recruit, retain, and develop NSU’s faculty, staff and students to their fullest potential and ensure NSU’s research success.  Inefficient use of finite research space limits our ability to invest financial resources in research.  To optimize the use of valuable research space within the University, and to ensure that there are transparent, equitable and uniform agreed-upon principles underlying the organization and allocation of research space, we have established a Research Space Allocation Policy and Process to be applied throughout NSU.

Furthermore, we have established an additional set guidelines specific to each building in which research space is available.

NSU Research Space Allocation Policy

Research Space Allocation Process Chart

GHOC / Park Research Space  Process Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

NSU Research Space Request

All research space requests must be submitted via the NSU Research Space Request Portal.

Submitted research space requests will be reviewed by the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer (VPR).  If the submitted request meets the applicable research space allocation guidelines and there is available space, the VPR will work with you, your dean and/or institute director to coordinate research space allocation.

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