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The 36th Undergraduate SGA

We, the Undergraduate students of Nova Southeastern University, in order to establish a more dynamic and diverse campus, pledge to promote and protect the rights of the Undergraduate students, promote cooperation and communication between the Undergraduate activity-fee paying students, and the administration, encourage unity among University students by advancing the quality of academic and social life, and provide a form of government for and by the students.

We want to keep an open door policy to allow students to inform us of any concerns or issues they may have at NSU. Please feel free to come to our meetings on Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Orbit 2 of the Alan B. Levan Center of Innovation (5th Floor of the Alvin Sherman Library) 

We look forward to hearing from the students and continuing to support them throughout the year. We can also be reached by email at or follow us on Instagram @nsu.usga. 

Remember, USGA is always here for you! All voices, one NSU!


Contact Us

Name Position
Manas Peddiboyina President
Shana Jose Executive Vice President
Melissa Marzouk Speaker of the Senate
Iyanla Reid Chief Financial Officer 
Tashfia Hasan Internal Affairs Director
Shawnie Allen External Affairs Director
Sarah Noorani Academic Affairs Director
Jessica Mangila Chief of Staff
Name Position
Melanie Mendonca Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) Senator
Reggis Morales Athletic Senator
Vraj Patel Commuter Senator
Anne Sylvie Jean Louis Diversity Senator
Mark Sourial International Senator
Ashley Abraham Non-Traditional Senator
Kalix Timo Fraternity Senator
Alexandra Mull Sorority Senator
Revanth Madamsetty Residential Senator
Avalyn Crosson Veteran Senator
Alina Andrews First Year Senator
Anthony Marzouk First Year Senator 
Daniyal Baig Upperclassman Senator
Shweta Shah Upperclassman Senator
Mathan Kannayan Academic Senator: Business & Entrepreneurship
Katherine Dookhan Academic Senator: Business & Entrepreneurship
Pranav Madadi Academic Senator: Arts and Sciences  
Ilan Nedjar Academic Senator: Arts and Sciences 
Sydney Brooks Academic Senator: Education
Vacant Academic Senator: Education
Divya Komandooru Academic Senator: Psychology
Nitisha Gajavalli Academic Senator: Psychology
Hena Thakkar Academic Senator: Healthcare Sciences
Isabella Vargas-Blanchard Academic Senator: Healthcare Sciences
Naitik Patel Academic Senator: Computing and Engineering
Ilisha Desai Academic Senator: Computing and Engineering 
Dhruvi Sarkar Academic Senator: Osteopathic
Amrutha Venkat Academic Senator: Osteopathic
Akeziel Edwards Academic Senator: Law
Vacant Academic Senator: Law
Name Position
Arun Jagarlamudi Court Justice Officer
Luv Thakkar Court Justice Officer
Esha Manku Court Justice Officer
Shivani Patel Court Justice Officer
Kyron Defreitas Court Justice Officer
Name Position
Mansi Akkannappa Student Advisory Cabinet
Kristy Basily Student Advisory Cabinet
Khushi Faldu Student Advisory Cabinet
Areeb Farooq Student Advisory Cabinet
Preetham Gopu Student Advisory Cabinet
Emily Guirguis Student Advisory Cabinet
Harris Siddiqui Student Advisory Cabinet
Jonah Varghese Student Advisory Cabinet 
Laasya Vemparala Student Advisory Cabinet 


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