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The 32nd Undergraduate SGA

We, the Undergraduate students of Nova Southeastern University, in order to establish a more dynamic and diverse campus, pledge to promote and protect the rights of the Undergraduate students, promote cooperation and communication between the Undergraduate activity-fee paying students, and the administration, encourage unity among University students by advancing the quality of academic and social life, and provide a form of government for and by the students.

We want to keep an open door policy to allow students to inform us of any concerns or issues they may have at NSU. Please feel free to come to our meetings on Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Rosenthal Student Center, Room 200. We look forward to hearing from the students and continuing to support them throughout the year. We can also be reached by email at or follow us on Instagram @nsuundergradsga. 

Remember, SGA is always there for you, help us MAKO Difference!

Contact Us

Executive Board

Name Position

Izzy Bass Klicsu


Jordan Lazarian

Executive Vice President

Uzma Jamil

Speaker of the Senate

Ben Cummings


Pooja Varma

Internal Affairs Director

Isaiah Weber

Campus Engagement Director

Miriam Mahmoud

Academic Affairs Director


Name Position

Ian De Avilla

IOC Senator

Charissa Bacon

Athletic Senator

Angelica Lopez

International Senator

Nabiha Ahmed

Diversity Senator

Antony Robreno

IFC Sentor

Hatie Gering

PC Senator

Nate Brown

UGC Senator

Neethu Mathew

Residential Senator

Emily Kolankiewicz

Under Classman Senator

Meghana Gudavalli

Upper Classman Senator

Tyrianna Richards

Upper Classman Senator

Aviana Small

Academic Senator: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences 

Aisha Jehaludi

Academic Senator: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences 

Matt Zegara

Academic Senator: Buisness & Entrepenurship

Ashton Bryan

Academic Senator: Buisness & Entrepenurship

Aysha Patel

Academic Senator: Natural Sciences & Oceanography 

Osman Azharuddin

Academic Senator: Natural Sciences & Oceanography

Stephanie Lemoine

Academic Senator: Education

Adialis Garcia

Academic Senator: Phychology

Sarah Margolis

Academic Senator: Healthcare Sciences

Organization and Standards Board

Name Position

Isabel Aris

Chief Justice Officer

Emily Stewart

Chief Justice Officer

Michelle Bauer

Chief Justice Officer

Andrew Laufenberg Chief Justice Office
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