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Student Organizations

Fin Points

Fin Points were created in order to to promote collaboration, communication, and a campus community. Fin Points are allocated only towards events or activities that promote student organization growth, creating name recognition on campus, and giving back to the community. Points are not awarded for individual participation or attending in events or activities. Fin Points allocations are given from May to May.

FIN Points Submission must be done within 10 days of the FIN Point activity on SharkHub. 

Blue Fin Organizations (30 - 59 points)

  • Have an SharkHub Page

  • For budget requests, IOC will take into account your current point level

  • Advertise on campus

  • Recruit new members

  • Table at all organizational fairs and Summer Orientation

  • Reserve meeting rooms

  • Hold campus events

  • Request a Locker in Rosenthal

Silver Fin Organizations (60 - 119 points)

  • All of the benefits of Blue Fin Status

  • For budget requests, IOC will take into account your current point level

  • IOC considers requests for T-shirts, promotional items, and costume/uniforms

Gold Fin Organizations (120+ points)

  • All of the benefits of Blue and Silver Fin Status

  • For budget requests, IOC will take into account your current point level

  • IOC considers requests for high dollar and traditional events

Please Note: All budget requests are subject to IOC approval, and this does not guarantee funding

Organizations may only receive points for one activity at a time, groups may not claim points for more than activity at a time following per event, activity, program, or workshop. Students who belong to more than one organization may only count points towards one organization.

  • Registering via OrgSync -- 15 points
  • Completing RSO President’s Retreat -- 10 points
  • Organization Advisor -- 5 points

Ways to get more points:

Activity Points Max Points
IOC meeting 3 per meeting No Max
Table at Sharkapalooza 5 5
SERV volunteer hours 1 per hour 30
Host or Co-Host an Event 5 per event No Max 
Have an up-to date/active OrgSync Page   5 5
NSU's Got Talent participation 5 5
Summer Organizational fairs 2 per fair 10
SEA Thursday Tabling 2 per tabling 12
Host SEA Thursday 5 5
Table at CommunityFest 10 10
Having a speaker at meeting/event 2 No Max
Transition Binder 5 per binder 15
2 or more members attending sports game 2 No Max
Going to IOC Office hours 2 No Max
Recruitment tabling or event 2 No Max
Convocation 5 5

Other points may be given by Campus Life and Student Engagement

  • Silver Fin Organizations will start with 5 extra points in May.

  • Gold Fin Organizations will start with 20 points in May if they have a total of 120 points, and organizations with over 120 points will start with 30 points. 

Fin Points are to be submitted by completing the form found on OrgSync. The form is labeled as “Fin Points Submission” and can be found through selecting the “Forms” tab on your OrgSync page.

The following are considered automatic and the form on OrgSync does not have to be completed in order to receive these points:

  • Updated OrgSync page
  • Organization Advisor
  • RSO President’s Retreat
  • SERV Hours
  • Convocation
  • Sharkapalooza
  • IOC Meetings
  • SEA Thursday
  • First 15 organizations to sign up for Block Painting
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