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Student Engagement Policies and Procedures

As a vibrant and diverse university community, we are committed to fostering a campus environment where student organizations can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the broader campus experience. This page provides an overview of the policies and guidelines that govern Nova Southeastern University student organizations, ensuring that they operate in a responsible, inclusive, and respectful manner.

These policies are designed to promote a safe and engaging environment for all students, while also upholding the university's values of academic integrity, social responsibility, and respect for diversity. We encourage all student organizations to familiarize themselves with these policies and adhere to their provisions to ensure the success of their organizations and the well-being of the entire campus community.

University Policy

Nova Southeastern University, as an institution of higher education, is dedicated to the well being of all members of the university community - students, faculty members, employees, and administrators. Concerned with the misuse of alcohol and other drugs (both licit and illicit), it is the policy of NSU to endeavor to prevent substance abuse through programs of education and prevention.

NSU recognizes alcoholism and drug abuse as illnesses or treatable disorders, and it is NSU's policy to work with members of the NSU community to provide channels of education and assistance. However, it is the individual's responsibility to seek help. NSU also recognizes that the possession and/or use of certain substances are illegal. NSU is further obligated to comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

The policy governing the use of alcohol by students at Nova Southeastern University is in compliance with the laws of the state of Florida prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons who are minors (under the age of 21). The policy is based on the use of alcohol in moderation and under appropriate circumstances. The university recognizes that students are adults and are expected to obey the law and take personal responsibility for their own conduct. The laws of the state of Florida prohibit the possession or consumption of alcohol by persons less than 21 years of age.

  1. The university will not authorize the use of student activity fees or other student funds collected and administered by the university to provide alcoholic beverages for any student event.
  2. The sale, delivery, possession, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on any property owned and controlled by NSU is strictly prohibited, except as licensed by the state of Florida or otherwise permitted in these regulations. The use of alcoholic beverages on university premises shall be considered a privilege and may be allowed only if consistent with state laws and university regulations, and only when it will not interfere with the decorum and academic atmosphere of the campus.
  3. Exception to this prohibition is made for university housing residents of legal drinking age. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages in university housing is governed by the Residential Living Guide.
  4. The president, or an appropriate designee, may approve other exceptions to this prohibition, to allow possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age at designated events and locations on campus.
  5. The use of alcoholic beverages off campus by students of legal drinking age is permissible. However, incidents of intoxication and/or misconduct are subject to university disciplinary action. Students are expected to comply with municipal, state, and federal laws pertaining to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Any violation of these laws may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the university.

Guidelines for the Use of Alcohol

The only alcoholic beverages that can be served at NSU functions, that are student-oriented, are beer and wine. All requests for such events must be coordinated through NSU's Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

  • Entry fees to the function may be charged, but this fee is only for admission to the event.
  • One-quarter hour prior to the approved ending time listed on the Alcohol Exemption Request form, sales will stop.
  • Any advertisements for the event (including leaflets, invitations, posters, letters, and all other forms of advertisements) cannot advertise alcohol. These advertisements can display the following information: Beverages will be available. Must have valid state-issued picture identification for verification of age.
  • An adequate amount of food and alternative beverages (such as: water, juice, assorted sodas, coffee, and teas) must be available throughout the entire event. This food and beverage must be provided at the cost of the organization holding the event. The amount of food and beverages appropriate for the size of the event will be determined by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  • No organization or individual(s) can purchase beer or wine for an event. All beer and wine must be purchased and served by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. All proceeds from ticket sales will be deposited with the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. No other alcohol is permitted.
  • The Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement will be present during an event where beer and wine are served. If he/she is not available, a University employee will be designated by the Director for the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. The organizational contact of the event must be present during the entire event as a point of contact for the Director of Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all University policies are strictly obeyed. (These guidelines do not override existing university policies, but rather, these guidelines should be used in conjunction with all other University policies).
  • Appropriate precautionary measures must be in place to ensure that beer and wine are not served to individuals under the legal drinking age (21 in the State of Florida). These measures include having a designated individual, as deemed by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement, screening persons entering the event and attaching a wristband or stamp indicating those of legal drinking age. At any time during the event, the individual screening has the option to decline identification provided by an individual. The entire staff working the event has the right to refuse service to individuals deemed as having enough alcohol prior to or during the event.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone be coerced to drinking alcohol. This means: no drinking games, contests, or events which encourage excessive drinking.

It will be at the discretion of the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement to make arrangements and pay for any security needs necessary based on the specifics of the event and the number of estimated attendees.

Violations of these guidelines during the event may result in the closing of the event. All individual violations will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for review. The University can take disciplinary actions as a result of violations to these guidelines.

All requestors must meet with the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement and/or the Flight Deck Operations Manager to go over these guidelines and NSU Alcohol Policy, after which, the Alcohol Policy Exemption Request Form must be completed.

Note: The Alcohol Exemption Request Form can be obtained through the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Remote Bar Service

If a campus organization would like to serve alcohol on campus to students, Campus Life and Student Engagement can operate a remote bar. This service is only available during the operation hours of The Flight Deck and only on NSU property. There is a $75.00 Remote Bar Service Fee for this service. Provided at no charge are bartenders, ID checkpoint, and security (if needed).

All alcohol must be purchased and served by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. Alcohol may be served up to a four (4) hour period and sales will end one-quarter hour prior to the event ending.

This service is available at the discretion of the Director and Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement. DJ services for your event may be provided by Mako Radio at a nominal fee by calling (954) 262-8457.

Any group requesting remote bar alcohol service from The Flight Deck must:

  • Read the NSU Alcohol Policy.
  • Submit a completed Remote Bar Service Request Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed event for approval consideration by the Flight Deck Operations Manager and the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  • Schedule a brief meeting with the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement or the Flight Deck Operations Manager at least two (2) weeks in advance to complete necessary paperwork and discuss guidelines.

Remember when planning a remote bar function:

  • Remote events require a $75.00 fee for set-up, breakdown, and staffing needs.
  • If alcohol is to be served, an adequate amount of food and alternate non-alcoholic beverages must be available throughout the entire event at the cost of the group holding the event. Don't forget bowls, trays, tongs, etc. for your food.
  • The Flight Deck can provide sodas, water, cups, and a cooler of ice that can be billed to your group.

All contracts for any and all services, products or venues submitted to student organizations require advance approval and signature from the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. When presented with any contract and/or agreement, please submit the contract via interoffice mail, fax or email for review and approval.

  • All Contracts must be submitted at least ten (10) days in advance.
  • Contracts requiring a deposit need to be submitted at least forty-five (45) days in advance.

University policy dictates that only an authorized representative of NSU may sign the contract on behalf of NSU. As a result, in order to receive payment or reimbursement for the contracted services from student accounts, the contracts must contain an authorized and approved signature of Nova Southeastern University through the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. The University will not provide payment under any circumstances for any contract bearing an unauthorized signature. Students and advisors of the organization cannot sign contracts.

The Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement primary goal is facilitating campus activities and involvement. One way this is accomplished is by making equipment available to registered organizations and the University community for campus events. Equipment can be reserved by submitting a request through SharkHub at least 10 business days in advance.

Student Activities Equipment

  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Board Games 

Equipment must be returned clean, in the previous condition, and prior to closing. Transporting equipment is the responsibility of the renter. The only other fees that may be assessed are damage fees and cleaning fees, which can be avoided through responsible care of the equipment and returning it promptly after the event is over and clean. 

Audio Visual Equipment

All audio visual equipment is supplied by the university’s Audio Visual Department and request for student organizations must be made through SharkHub.  

Information Tables

To request reservation of these tables as a club/organization, please submit an event request through SharkHub.

To request reservation of these tables as a NSU department, please email

Event approval policies only apply to undergraduate student organizations registered with the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. All departments, offices and organizations not registered with the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement should refer to their respective event approval policies for any type of event.

View Event Policies and Procedures

The primary objective of the Don Taft University Center is to serve members of the NSU community, including students, alumni, staff, and faculty. To ensure the well-being of our community and the preservation of our facilities, we ask that all users adhere to the following policies:


No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Don Taft University Center. Last call is fifteen minutes before closing time. To purchase beer or wine:

  • You must have a valid ID showing proof of age.
  • We reserve the right to request your NSU ID Card or a secondary photo ID for the purchase of alcohol.
  • You will be served only one alcoholic beverage at a time.
  • You must consume the alcohol in The Flight Deck area, either within the Flight Deck or on the Flight Deck Patio. This means it may not be taken anywhere else in the Don Taft University Center, including restrooms, offices, or outside of the building out of the immediate perimeter of the Flight Deck Patio.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served to anyone determined to be intoxicated, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


No Animals (except for guide dogs) are permitted in The Flight Deck.


No balloons (helium filled) will be allowed in the atrium, food court area, pit, or arena. If you show up to your event with balloons, we will ask for you to remove them immediately, no exceptions.

Carry-in Items

Carry-in items and bags are subject to search. Prohibited items will be confiscated.


If groups or individuals bring food into the facility, the University is not liable.

Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment may be moved or rearranged only by employees of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Lost and Found

Campus Life and Student Engagement does not keep a lost and found box. Any items left behind will be given to NSU Public Safety. NSU ID Cards will be given to the NSU Card Office.

Roller Blades, Bicycles, Skateboards and/or Razor Scooters

Roller blades, bicycles, and skateboards are prohibited in The Flight Deck. Guests must park bicycles outside in the designated area. Roller blades and skateboards may be "carried" in, but indoor use is not permitted.

Shirts and Shoes

Shirts and shoes are required at all times in University Center. There is to be no stripping of any articles of clothing.


Smoking is prohibited in all NSU buildings.


Vendors are not permitted to use the Don Taft University Center areas to promote their products for purposes of on-site sales or marketing.


Visitors to The Flight Deck under eighteen (18) years old are not permitted to enter without adult supervision. For events, programs, and private parties, see our Guest Policy.

Individuals or groups wishing to show a VHS or DVD in rooms reserved by Campus Life and Student Engagement may do so only if:

  • Written copyright permission has been granted
  • The event is educational (i.e., for a class ) and is facilitated by a faculty member. 
  • If written copyright permission is purchased and appropriate facility reservations are made, It is then the responsibility of the organization or NSU department to provide and arrangement the audio/visual equipment and operation.
  • An admission or viewing fee cannot be charged unless written copyright permission has been granted.
Copyright Regulations

The Federal Copyright Act makes it unlawful to show a film in public without the explicit permission of the film's copyright owner. Renting or purchasing a VHS or DVD at a local video store or elsewhere gives the customer the right to view the film, but not to show it in public. The Copyright Act defines "public" in this context as "any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered."

Several major production and distribution companies have arranged for university campuses to show their films publicly by calling Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. at 800-876-5577 to obtain/purchase rights. All interested parties who wish to show films under circumstances that are likely to be considered "public" are urged to call this organization to arrange for appropriate permission.

The Guest Policy applies to all guests of Campus Life and Student Engagement for all events, programs, and private parties.

This policy is as follows:

  • There can be up to two guests to one NSU student, faculty, or staff member for any event, program, or private party. All guests must be accompanied by an NSU representative.
  • All patrons must have at least one form of identification at all times. This includes guests to Campus Life and Student Engagement. Identifications of all patrons (including guests) may be required for entrance to certain events, programs, or private parties.
  • Special circumstances for events, programs, or private parties have to be discussed at the initial contact meeting with the Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement. (Examples of special circumstances include, but are not limited to: student members of clubs and organizations of NSU, person(s) providing entertainment, NSU Alumni and Chartwells' employees). If special circumstances are not discussed in the initial meeting, there will be no exceptions made afterwards.
  • Special guests have to be listed and given to the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement no later than seven working days before an event, program, or private party for approval. 
  • A separate list will be taken for all guests consuming alcohol. This list will be taken upon entrance of the facility.
  • The appointed supervisor reserves the right to discontinue the event, program, or private party if these policies are not maintained.

Student organizations may create their own letterhead, but may not use the Nova Southeastern University corporate logo or seal. Student organization letterhead must include the organization's official name and the statement "A Student Organization of Nova Southeastern University."

Student organizations may use the following address: 3300 S. University Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33328-2004

Use of any lockers is subject to the approval by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagements or designee. The assignment of lockers in the Rosenthal Student Center will be administered by the staff in the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement in the OASIS (Rosenthal 201).

Apply for a Locker

  • An application may be submitted through SharkHub.
  • Only registered clubs and organization in good standing will eligible to apply for and maintain their locker usage.
  • Locker applications submitted will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Once a locker request is approved, the Campus Life and Student Engagement Staff will assign a locker location and provide one key to an executive board officer of the organization.

  • All keys must be returned to the Campus Life and Student Engagement Office at the end of each Academic Year
  • A $75.00 lock change/replacement fee will be charged to the student organization for any lost or damaged keys

Locker Usage

Lockers will be used for club and organization business only. Files, binders, office supplies, trophies, decorations, etc. are the type of items that should be stored in the locker. The following items are prohibited from being stored in the lockers:

  • Personal items
  • Food or liquids
  • Any combustible materials
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Any other items prohibited from campus

All shelves must remain in the locker. Unneeded shelves can be placed at the bottom of the locker.

  • A $25.00 replacement fee charged to the organization for missing shelves.

The Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement reserves the right to inspect club and organization lockers to ensure all shelves are present, proper use, etc.


Students and student organizations violating the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement Locker policies will be subject to the following:

  • First occurrence - official written warning
  • Second occurrence and beyond - loss of locker privileges and possible judicial referral to the Associate Dean of Students.

Clubs and organizations placed on "inactive" status, lose their good standing, and/or choose not to continue as an organization will have two business days to remove all materials.

  • Any materials not removed within two business days will be removed by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement staff
  • Materials removed will be stored for two weeks. Any materials not claimed within two weeks will be disposed of.

All NSU Logos are the property of the University and may only be used in an appropriate and legal manner. Only official versions of the NSU logo should be used. Student organizations shall not alter or modify any of the logos in any manner. All student organization logos or designs for shirts, promotional items, web sites, etc. must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Administrative Services and Marketing in advance to ensure they are in compliance with University style guide, University contracts, and copyright laws.

When requirements are met for the organization, they may ask the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) to fund for organization shirts up to a certain amount. The shirt must contain the IOC logo somewhere on the design for it to be passed, which will discussed in further detail later on.

You may refer to the Brand Guidelines for Student Organizations for more information.

To ensure a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing campus environment, the university has established policies for posting and publicity materials. Student organizations must adhere to these guidelines when promoting their events, activities, and services.

Please visit the General Posting Policies for detailed information on posting locations, material specifications, and approval processes.

Undergraduate Registered Student Organizations have access to room reservations for most of the buildings on campus. In order to book any room, organizations must fill out the event request form located on SharkHub. Room reservations must be placed at least 10 business days in advance and once the reservation has been received and processed, a confirmation will be given via SharkHub's discussion page. This also generates an automatic email from SharkHub with the confirmation, so please be sure to check your spam as well. 

We strive to process all request as quickly as possible but please note that for some requests, additional approval outside of our office is required. Due to the additional approval that may be required, our office may not be able to process your request as quickly as we would like. During the processing period you can follow along with the status of your request by doing the following:

  • Log onto your organizations SharkHub portal. 
  • Click on the "Manage" tab on the top right corner of the navigation menu.
  • Scroll down to Pending Submissions and click "View All".
  • Click on the Event you are requesting to view and all of the additional details are listed, followed by the event approval decision to the right.  

For graduate student organizations room reservations, please reach out to your collegiate department and/or student affairs representative. 

For any NSU department requesting space within the Don Taft University Center or the Rosenthal Student Center, please e-mail For all other spaces, please contact the scheduling manager or Astra Central. 

For any additional questions about room reservation policies, please check out our SharkHub FAQ or e-mail

Nova Southeastern University is exempt from state sales and use taxation for the purchase of items and/or services used during the normal course of University business. Since the exemption is for University business, the goods and services must be paid for with university funds in order to be granted the exemption by the vendor.

According to Florida statute, "purchases by the exempt organization are only exempt when the Consumer's Certificate of Exemption is presented to the vendor and the payment is made directly by the organization. Purchases made by individuals on behalf of the organization are taxable, even if the individual is reimbursed by the organization." Therefore, in order to be exempt from tax, payment must be made with a University issued check or a purchase order. If a personal credit card or cash is used, the vendor is entitled to charge tax.

Informal student use of the facility for social or recreational activities and events planned by student groups is considered to be a priority. If a registered student group or NSU department needs a meeting place, there are no better places on campus than the Don Taft University Center, the Rosenthal Student Center, or the Flight Deck.

To reserve space in these facilities, one must complete the University's online room request form at least ten business days in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate group preferences for meeting rooms, although we do process the requests on a first-come, first-serve basis; thus requesting earlier increases the likelihood of your preferences being met.

Available Spaces

All locations below will be accessible to the NSU community at all times.

  • Rosenthal Student Center
    • Lobby
    • Student Lounge (Former Flight Deck)
  • The Flight Deck
    • Flight Deck
    • Patio
  • Don Taft University Center
    • Lobby
    • Pit
    • Atrium
    • Circle
    • North Lobby
    • Second Floor Lounge
    • Third Floor Lounge
    • East Circle
    • North Circle
    • West Circle

Space Rental Policies

  • NSU departments and University-chartered student groups will not be charged for room rental fees during normal operating hours.
  • NSU faculty and staff members will not be charged room rental fees for normal university business (i.e., meetings, luncheons, receptions).
  • Requests for rental space by professional organizations not affiliated with NSU should be referred to the Student Activities Office. Contact: (954) 262-7288.
  • Groups wishing to cancel their reservation should contact the Student Activities Office at least 72 hours in advance of the reserved date. Failure to comply will result in a $50.00 fine plus additional costs above normal operations (i.e., security, equipment, staff, reservation fee, etc.). Repeated cancellations may result in the loss of reservation privileges.
  • The reserving organization will be billed for any damage(s) incurred.
  • The Office of Student Activities reserves the right to assign a group to alternate locations, when necessary.
  • Groups should contact Chartwells at (954) 262-5302 for catering needs and must obtain a first right of refusal for alternative food requirements. If groups choose to bring food into the facility, the university is not liable for any food-related issues.

Expectations for conduct in the Office Campus Life and Student Engagement are the same for anywhere on campus. All individuals and groups must adhere to all state and federal laws and University and Campus Life and Student Engagement policies. Students and student groups must abide by the Code of Student Conduct found in the NSU Student Handbook.

Student patrons will be subject to a hearing with the Office of The Dean of Students for alleged violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, programs, events, private parties, and remote bars. We reserve the right to contact NSU's Public Safety and/or Davie Police.

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