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Policies and Procedures

Event Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures have been designed in order to help students, faculty and staff with events and activities in and around the University Center.

Room Reservations Policies

Undergraduate registered student organizations have access to room reservations for most of the buildings on campus.

Posting & Publicity Policies

This includes guidelines and general posting policies for each building on campus.

Locker Rental Policies

Use of any lockers is subject to the approval by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagements or designee.

Contract Policies

All contracts for any and all services, products or venues submitted to student organizations require advance approval and signature from the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Letterhead Policies

Student organizations may create their own letterhead.

Logo and Designs Policies

All NSU Logos are the property of the University and may only be used in an appropriate and legal manner.

Social Media Guidelines

Student and/or student organization using social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.).

Student Organization Web Space Request Policy and Procedures

The usage of student organization websites shall adhere to any applicable University policies, University rules for student code and conduct and Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Sales Tax Exemption Policies

Nova Southeastern University is exempt from state sales and use taxation for the purchase of items and/or services used during the normal course of University business.

Showing VHS/DVDs

For individuals or groups wishing to show a VHS or DVD in rooms reserved by Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Remote Functions

If a campus organization would like to serve alcohol on campus to students, Campus Life and Student Engagement can operate a remote bar.

Reserving Information Tables

Two information tables are available for reservation in the Don Taft University Center (by recognized student groups and NSU departments only).

Guidelines for the Use of Alcohol at NSU Campus Life Social Events

All requests for such events must be coordinated through NSU's Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Facility Policies

Policies for the Don Taft University Center.

Reserving Equipment

The Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement primary goal is facilitating campus activities and involvement. One way this is accomplished is by making equipment available to registered organizations and the University community for campus events.

Guest Policy

The Guest Policy applies to all guests of Campus Life and Student Engagement for all events, programs, and private parties.

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