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Student Events and Activities Board

About the SEA Board

As the premier student-run programming board at Nova Southeastern University, the mission of the Student Events and Activities Board (S.E.A. Board) is to be a student-led organization that enhances and engages the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Community by providing a variety of social, cultural, and traditional events. S.E.A. Board is dedicated to creating a strong campus community, by engaging students through diverse events and providing leadership opportunities.

SEA Board has nine student workers who lead the planning and implementation of the events, an advisor to oversee the students, a programming assistant to aid with the day to day tasks, and many other student volunteers who help make the events successful.

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2016-2017 Student Events and Activities Board (SEA Board)

President: Jeevana Pakanati

JeevanaThe President of SEA Board oversees the total operation of the organization. This includes interpreting the SEA Board Constitution, planning and implementing staff meetings, maintaining staff morale and productivity, and working closely with the advisor on assigned tasks and projects. The President plans staff bonding with the Membership and Development Chair, retreats, and aids in the training of new members. 

Vice President of Operations: Ujala Ahmed

UjalaSo you’re probably wondering what in the world is a VP of Operations? Ujala is such a huge BLESSING to the team! The Vice President of Operations supports the programming board with day-to-day tasks. For example, managing the budget and daily functions of personnel and purchasing while directing and coordinating operations of SEA Board to support its growth. Ujala Ahmed is here to also provide great stories of love and just being a positive influence on the team! Requirements for the Vice President of Operations include telling funny, sidesplitting jokes, mastery of excel and administrative duties, and having consistently great hair days.

Membership and Development Chair: Frances Mejia

FrancesSEA Board loves our volunteers and recognizes that we are not nearly as successful or have as much fun without them! The Membership and Development Chair keeps track of all of our amazing volunteers, and sets up bi-weekly meetings to keep everyone informed on upcoming events, opportunities, and engaged with team bonding activities! Frances Mejia works to make sure that SEA Board is on the same page, and works hard to recognize our members during birthdays as well as determining the Sea Board Member of the Month award!

Traditions Chair: Daesha Roberts

DaeshaNSU, while a relatively young institution, holds many traditions that are implemented and progressed by the Traditions Chair. We are so lucky to have Daesha Roberts as our Traditions Chair again this year! One such event is Sharkapalooza, held on the first Friday of the fall semester where students can enjoy free food, local vendors, novelties, and learn how to get involved on campus. Other traditions include Homecoming Week, Crunch Brunch, Fin Fest Week and NSU’s Got Talent.  The Traditions Chair works closely with clubs and organizations on campus as well as local vendors in order to provide NSU Students with as many opportunities as possible!

SEA Thursday Chair: Corey Chan

CoreySEA Thursday has become a welcomed tradition here at NSU. The Event is hosted bi-weekly in the UC Spine from 12:00pm-1:00pm on Thursdays! Corey Chan, our amazing Sea Thursday Chair works to bring campus together for free food, music, and other themed activities. Clubs and organizations on campus are welcomed to table as well as outside vendors in order to inform NSU students of on and off campus opportunities. RadioX, the NSU radio station, provides music and entertainment! If you aren’t there, where are you? If you are interested in signing up your organization to participate in SEA Thursday, log onto the OrgSync Web site, go to your organization's forms, and complete the SEA Thursday Tabling Form.

Trips and Recreation Chair: Kristen Bingham

KristenLet’s be honest, who wants to stay on campus ALL the time? South Florida is meant to be seen! The Trips and Recreation Chair plans multiple events designed to get students off campus and enjoy the culture of South Florida. Past events include Halloween Horror Nights, a day trip to Key West, among others. Students are either taken for free or given an extreme discount offered only to NSU students. On-campus events include LIT pool parties, dodge ball tournaments and more! Take a trip with SEA Board and live a little livelier. 

Multicultural and Diversity Chair: Divy Mehra

DivyNSU is an incredibly diverse and multi-cultured campus. The Multicultural and Diversity Chair offers the NSU community a look into the diversity within the college through a handful of exciting events. These events include food from different cultures, music from different countries, and general information on minorities that you would never have known! The celebration of diversity is one of the main results of the Multicultural and Diversity Chair! Past and future events include the NoH8 Campaign in honor of Coming Out Week, Hispanic Heritage and Black History Month Celebrations, Fastathon, Chinese New Years Day, and many more!

Marketing and Promotions Chair: Jasmyn Telfort

JasmynAdvertisement is one of the most important aspects of event planning and implementation. Jasmyn, our Marketing and Promotions Chair uses creative marketing plans to excite and inform NSU students about our upcoming events. These plans include posters, flyers, handbills, social media competitions and other types of guerilla marketing. Look out for our promotions and freebies!

Daytime Programming Chair: Curtisha DeMarco

CurtishaWho likes to have fun in the middle of the day? Who needs a break to do something exciting in between your classes?! I hope you do! Curtisha is our amazing Daytime Programming Chair who is responsible for programming events on campus devoted to planning events during the lunch hour for NSU students. Events that we have held in the past and plan to have in the future include, Make your own Wax Hands, Stuff a Pikachu, Fortune Tellers, Nitrogen Ice Cream novelties, and many more! Be sure to come out and have some fun during your lunchtime! 

Thursday Night Live Chair: Shanygne Bitna

ShannygneWho says there is nothing to do on campus?! Shay, our awesome Thursday Night Live Chair works very hard to select, plan and manage exciting events that happen on select Thursday nights throughout the academic year. Events include, Lip Sync Battles, the Halloween Party, Karaoke Nights, Comedy Nights and many more. Shay is so excited to make all of her planning come to life to make sure that all NSU students come out and have fun! Thursday Night Live events generally have free food and giveaway items that students can take back with them, so make sure you come out and enjoy our free on-campus entertainment!

Advisor: Yabi Demissie

Yabi works as SEA Boards Advisor! She directly advises the student programming boardYabi members. In general, they are our inspiration and our challengers who push us to create events that turn out much bigger than our individual selves. It is the role of the advisor to provide for the student programming board and be our safety net if we do so need. Daily tasks for the advisor include demonstrating mom-like tendencies, glaring menacingly at random DOSA/COUS staff members, and appearing at every event just because they love SEA Board! Requirements include a sense of humor, a snuggie for when the office gets a little cold, and a genuine love for programming. 

Shannon BookerShannon is the Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement. As part of his role, he directly oversees the Student Events and Activities Board and supervise the Graduate Assistant for Student Programming who serves as the SEA Board Advisor. In this role he provides guidance and support for the Advisor and the SEA Board Team. He’s a big ball of energy who always has a smile on his face and sometimes you might even see him break out in a random song and dance.


Looking to become more involved with SEA Board? We would love your help! We are always looking for volunteers to help set up and run events! Make sure to attend our general meetings that happen every other Monday from 12:00pm to 1:00 p.m. in the Rosenthal Student Center, Room 200. Don’t forget to like us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and check us out on OrgSync ! If you have any questions or comments, please email, or call the office at (954) 262- 7223. Feel free to visit us in the SEA Board office located in the Office of Student Activities at the Don Taft University Center. We hope to see you soon! Find us on Twitter at NSUseaboard OrgSync instagram


SEA Board asks that all NSU students bring their SharkCard to get into the events. See you at the events, Sharks!

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