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How to Start a New Student Organization

Undergraduate Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may be organized to promote any legal purpose, which involves an educational, recreational, or social interest. 


  • To begin, you need to have a commitment from at least six undergraduate students who will assist you in starting up the organization (total membership has to be 51%, undergraduate students)
  • A President, Treasurer, and IOC Chair role (can be a part of the 6 members minimum total)
  • Once you have generated interest for your organization, you must have a full-time NSU faculty/staff member or a Division of Student Affairs Graduate Assistant who is willing to serve as your advisor.
  • Submit a new registered student organization application on SharkHub to start the registration process.

Please note: All organizations must be open to and started by currently enrolled NSU students. Additionally, new organizations are started on a cohort model established by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. Students may not start an organization during the semester they are scheduled to graduate (unless approved by Campus Life and Student Engagement). 


  1. Log into SharkHub with your existing NSU credentials.* 
  2. Once directed to the main SharkHub page, click on the "Organizations" tab located at the top of the page.
  3. Click on "Register New Organization" on the left column.
  4. Scroll down to "Register New" and click on "Register a New Organization". 
  5. Please review the registration instructions and fill out steps 1-7 of the registration process in order to submit.
  6. Wait for confirmation from the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  7. Following the confirmation, the president, treasurer, and IOC Chair will have to meet with the Graduate Assistant for Club and Organization Engagement in the new RSO Orientation
  8. The organization will have to attend the New Organization Orientation. Once attended, then the organization will be officially recognized as an RSO if approved by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. Organizations are approved based on the representation of NSU's Core Values.

*For first-time users, you will be prompted to "Create an Account". It will ask for your first and last name, NSU e-mail, and agree to the SharkHub User Policy.



Informal Interest Group

Not Ready to be a Registered Student Organization yet? Here's what you can you do?

An Informal Interest Group is a group of students who share similar interests in creating an active club or organization here at NSU. During the informal interest phase, organizations prepare for registration, by recruiting members, drafting a constitution, securing a full time on campus advisor, identifying the required roles within the executive board and lastly planning for the upcoming academic year.

Approved Recruitment Strategies:

  • Using personal networks to gain interest with friends, students or classmates.
  • Casual discussions to connect with individuals interested in the mission and goals of the organization.
  • 1 approved tabling opportunity per month.

Not Approved Recruitment Strategies:

  • No large scale posters printed and posted in the UC
  • No Spam emails to student email accounts
  • No posted information on NSU website or SharkHub
  • No promotional items or merchandise can be created (including tshirts, apparel, pens, buttons, etc.)

Event Reservation or meeting Guidelines:

  • Not allowed to reserve spaces on campus
  • May request 1 Planning meeting per month with executive board.
  • No general body meetings can be hosted during this time.

Informal Interest Group General Restrictions:

  • No SharkHub Account
  • No access to rental equipment
  • No access to OASIS
  • No participation in IOC or University Wide Events
  • Not eligible to earn or accumulate fin points
  • Not eligible for funding form IOC or PanSGA
  • Not permitted to host fundraising events

For help during this phase, feel free to meet with someone from our team by emailing

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