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Treasurer and Logistics Training

Open Training Session Dates

All student organization's Presidents AND Treasurers are required to attend an open training session put on by the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office in order to receive funding from their respective Student Government Associations and to process any requests for funds with the Accounts Office.

Students at regional campuses may attend the open training sessions through Video Conference (the link will be emailed out). We may schedule training's outside of the dates listed below upon request. Please RSVP at: (food will be provided for in-person training's).


  • There will not be any training's in the Summer Semester
  • Training's will begin again in the Fall Semester
  • Please check here for updated training's in the Fall Semester

Open Training Session Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Student Activity Fee Manual
  • How to submit a reimbursement/payment
  • Understanding your account statements
  • Overview of Forms

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