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Repeat Contralateral OAE Suppression Testing in Tinnitus Treatments

Grant Winner

  • Paul B. Davis, Ph.D.


  • Richard E. Davis, Ed.D.


Award Winners

Tinnitus is a debilitating condition that is particularly difficult to measure. A promising new objective diagnostic technique, Contralateral Otoacoustic Emissions (Contra OAE), has never been reported to be applied as a pre/post therapy index. The proposed study aims to repeatedly obtain these measures on patients undergoing three types of tinnitus rehabilitation programs that are offered by NSU's Hearing and Balance Clinic. Extended baselines will first be conducted.

Patients who do not undergo treatment will also undergo this diagnostic procedure, serving as an additional control group. This study is hoped to further refine the clinical application of the technique, and ultimately this may lead to increasing the efficiency of treatments, and even assist in increasing the amount of reimbursement patients may receive.

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