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Academic Program Review

At Nova Southeastern University, we're committed to ensuring your academic journey is nothing short of exceptional. Our Academic Program Review process is your roadmap to excellence, designed to elevate your learning experience and empower you to succeed.

At a Glance

Academic Program Review is a continuous process involving peer reviews of all NSU academic units and programs. These reviews occur approximately every five-seven years. They aim to focus on areas where academic excellence can be achieved, enhancing national recognition and ensuring efficient resource allocation. Think of it as a chance for self-assessment and growth.  

NSU encourages the creation of new and innovative academic programs aligned with its mission. The New Program Review Committee (NPRC) supports academic units in developing proposals. This committee ensures orderly university growth and increases the success potential of proposed programs. It's the only process approved by the Board of Trustees for new academic programs.

After new program approval and before Academic Review, the Initial Program Review (IPR) takes place, usually one to two years post-launch. The purpose is to evaluate whether the approved program proposal has been implemented as planned.

Initial Program Review Checklist

ASLO engages academic departments in evaluating student learning outcomes for majors offered. It aims to demonstrate achievement, improve teaching quality, and enhance student learning. All academic units participate in this process coordinated by the Office of Academic Quality, Assessment, and Accreditation.

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The Internal Review Committee (IRC) generates evaluative reports for each program under review, providing recommendations for improvement.

External Consultants (ECs) are specialists in the field under review, recognized as authorities in their respective areas. Designated ECs will assess each program and provide the President and the Academic Review Committee with a written evaluation of both the program and the Internal Review Committee report.

External Consultants Guidelines

The Academic Review Committee (ARC) is an enduring university committee consisting of faculty members appointed by the President and reporting directly to them. Membership recommendations are sourced from various channels, including academic deans, faculty, and university administrators, and are formally appointed by the President and Provost.

In the Executive Review, the President, Provost, Associate Provost, and Dean/Program Director/Chair discuss the program review results and request a 5-year Action Plan.

The Action Plan executes Academic Review Committee recommendations and details specific activities, timelines, and resource allocations. Each year, the program provides an Annual Progress Report on the initial plan and updates are requested as necessary.

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If you have any general questions or comments for the NSU Office of Academic Affairs, please fill out and submit the form at the link below.

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