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Ruthenium Tetroxide Oxidation of Iodoalkanes

Grant Winner

  • Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic – Oceanographic Center


  • Richard Dodge – Oceanographic Center
  • Norma Goonen – Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences


The broad, long-term objectives of this project are to develop a methodology for ruthenium-catalyzed oxidation of haloalkanes, in particular iodoalkanes. Specific goals of the project are to develop a catalytic system for oxidation of iodoalkanes and apply it initially on simple model compounds, followed by application of the developed methodology to the synthesis of compounds of biological interest. This project will form a basis for a long-term research program. In future the work will be extended to oxidation of bromo- and chloroalkanes and, ultimately chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Data will be analyzed and interpreted according to the accepted standards in the area of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, including the American Chemical Society's criteria of identity and purity of new compounds. A publication by another research group and my preliminary work indicate that the likelihood of success is high. The results will be submitted for publication in peer reviewed journals and possibly presented at a conference. Acceptance of presentation at a conference is also subject to a peer review. The proposed project calls for involvement of two centers. While most of the work will be done at the Oceanographic Center, a significant part of the analytical work will be done at the Farquhar's Parker Science Annex. In addition, Farquhar Center's undergraduate students will have an opportunity to take part in the proposed research. After the initial results are published, an application for external funding will be made with the National Science Foundation (NSF), the American Chemical Society (ACS), or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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