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Use of Chirps for Electrophysiologic Assessment of Hearing in the Lower Range

Grant Winner

  • Dr. Terri Hamill – Abraham S. Fischler School of Education


  • H. Wells Singleton – Abraham S. Fischler School of Education


The purposed study applies a novel use for the type of acoustic signal, called a "chirp", to elicit an electrophysiologic response. Electrophysiologic testing involves the measurement of the firing nerves of hearing in response to sound, measured with electrodes taped to the head. The proposed research will determine the optimal chirp stimulus characteristics and compare and contrast the chirp responses to those evoked with more traditional stimuli. It is hypothesized that the chirp will provide a more robust measurement of low-pitch hearing. Electrophysiologic measurement of hearing for low pitches is a continuing challenge in audiology. This study will use normal-hearing adults to begin the investigation into the feasibility of using this chirp stimulus to assess hearing for low pitch stimuli, so that it may one day be used to assess hearing of infants and others unable to participate in traditional behavioral hearing testing.

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