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Health Insurance FAQs


Students who are required to carry health insurance will be charged the student health insurance fee upon registration. It may take up to 10 business days for Aetna’s records to reflect you as a member. If you need to pay for medical services during the processing period, you may submit a claim to be reimbursed by Aetna. 

If your existing health insurance does not meet all six waiver criteria, your waiver will be denied.

If you believe that your insurance coverage meets the waiver criteria, you may only submit a request to appeal by emailing Be sure to include your name, NSU ID number (N number), and NSU student email before your program’s waiver deadline date. You must fulfill any instructions that follow within a 72 hour timeframe. If instructions are not followed and your program’s deadline date has passed, your waiver will remain denied. 

Once your waiver application has been approved, please allow up to 10 business days for the charge to be reversed. 

If you are entitled to a refund of tuition and fees, the refund will first be applied to any sources of financial aid from which you may have been awarded. Once all balances owed to NSU have been satisfied, any excess funds remaining will be refunded to you. Refunds will generally be delivered to students in the form of a check unless the student has a valid Direct Deposit Authorization on file or payment has been made by credit card or gift card, in which case the excess credit will be returned to the card. Please visit the Bursar's website for more information on refunds of charges, tuition, and fees

If you or your program registers you after the wavier deadline has passed, you will have 48 to 72 hours to complete the waiver at that time. You will not be able to complete the waiver the same day you register, only within the 48 to 72 hours given. 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the electronic waiver application, please try the following steps:

  • Use a laptop or desktop.
  • Do not use Safari, try a different browser, such as Firefox.
  • Clear the history, cookies, cache, and data off the internet browser.
  • If you are receiving the message “You must be registered for courses in the academic year for which you are seeking to waive the NSU Student Health Insurance,” login into SharkLink to see if you have been charged for the NSU Student Health Insurance. If you do not see a charge, you do not need to complete an electronic waiver.
  • Try using a different laptop or desktop.
  • Wait 24-48 hours to repeat these steps.

Voluntary Enrollment Plan

Students who are not eligible for the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan may purchase the Voluntary Comprehensive Plan through the Student Educational Benefit Trust (SEBT). The SEBT plan mirrors the coverage and benefits offered through the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Both plans are Aetna-affiliated, however, SEBT is the health insurance company providing you with Aetna coverage. Therefore, you must contact SEBT for all questions regarding your plan, insurance card, benefits, coverage, health discounts, and finding a provider, not Aetna.

If you were not previously enrolled in the mandatory NSU Health Insurance Plan, you may apply for health coverage through the Voluntary Comprehensive Plan within 30 days of experiencing a qualifying life event (i.e., involuntary loss of coverage) during your academic year. 

Contact SEBT Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 877-233-5159 option 2, and again option 2 or visit for more information. 

The NSU Student Health Insurance Plan is only intended for the student, not dependents. If you are seeking coverage for you and your dependents who do not have other health insurance coverage, you and your dependents may enroll in the Voluntary Comprehensive Plan through the Student Educational Benefit Trust (SEBT). If you are required to carry health insurance, be sure to waive out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan by submitting an electronic waiver prior to the given waiver deadline, after purchasing an adequate health insurance plan that meets all of the six waiver requirements, such as the Voluntary Comprehensive Plan through SEBT.

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