Protecting Yourself and Others

If you feel ill, please stay home or in your resident hall room. Do not come to any NSU campus or building. Follow CDC guidelines, take care of yourself, and notify the COVID-19 case manager. To self-report positive COVID-19 results, email the COVID-19 case manager or report via the iShark mobile App. Self-Report Forms Voluntarily Report Vaccination Status

Latest University Updates on COVID-19

Before the emergence of the COVID-19 Delta variant, I announced that if we reached a 70% vaccination rate across NSU’s campuses that we would end the requirement for face coverings/masks. At the peak of the Delta variant spike this summer, Florida was experiencing more than 27,000 new cases daily, and now that number has dropped to less than 3,000 cases daily, representing a 75% drop in the course of just one month. According to the CDC, high transmission areas are those with equal to or greater than 10% positivity, and recently Florida has been consistently under this rate and declining daily.

This is most welcome news!

Because of this, I am pleased to announce that face coverings for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as faculty and staff members and visitors, will no longer be required at any of our campuses or sites, with the exception that masks must still be worn by everyone in academic classrooms. This new policy does not apply to NSU University School. Additionally, faculty, staff, and students in Puerto Rico need to continue abiding by the governor's mask requirements.

Additionally, university-sanctioned travel, which was suspended at the start of the pandemic, is now approved to resume according to university policy. And I am sure many of you will be happy to know that events (which include indoor dining) can now also resume at all our campuses, facilities, and sites.

Faculty and staff members, full- or part-time, with an approved medical or religious exemption from vaccinations, must continue to wear masks while indoors to protect themselves and others. Also, those students, faculty, and staff who must be in an environment where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to be worn, must continue to wear a mask. Finally, anyone who wishes to continue to wear a mask may do so. NSU’s faculty and staff are now 99.7% fully compliant with the mandatory vaccination policy—a great commitment to creating a safer environment in which to learn and work.

On the student front, there has been a positive reaction, though not as much as I had hoped, to voluntary reporting of vaccination statuses. Such actions have resulted in only two campuses surpassing the 70% vaccination rate for students. If all our campuses reach the 70% vaccination rate, we will be able to eliminate the face covering requirements in all classrooms and make them optional. We also continue to encourage students who attend classes at any NSU campus or facility, to voluntarily register in the Vax Max portal so that we may reach the 70% vaccination rate throughout the university.

As previously noted, only two campuses – Jacksonville and Orlando – have reached the 70% vaccination goal and therefore masks will now be optional in the classroom at those two locations. As other campuses reach this goal, they too, will be exempt from the mask requirement in the classroom. Here is a breakdown by campus of the current voluntary vaccination rate:

  • Jacksonville 74.5%
  • Orlando 74.1%
  • Tampa Bay Regional Campus 63.8%
  • Fort Lauderdale/Davie 63.5%
  • Puerto Rico Regional Campus 63.2%
  • Palm Beach 52.5%
  • Fort Myers 49.4%
  • Miami/Kendall 42.7%
  • Miramar 36%

Only two NSU Residence Halls on the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus—The Commons and the Cultural Living Center (CLC)—are below the 70% vaccination rate. Residents of these halls must continue to wear a mask while indoors, in common spaces, and when visiting other NSU residence halls. As in the campus locations, once these two residence halls reach the 70% threshold, face coverings will become optional for them as well.

Although we are lifting most of the requirements, all restrictions may be lifted as we receive greater vaccination rates on all campuses. However, the pandemic is not over. I strongly recommend that if you have not been vaccinated, please get vaccinated today for your safety as well as the safety of your fellow students and associates, and voluntarily register in the Vax Max portal.

NSU will continue to monitor all our campuses and communities, and if there is a spike in new cases, we may have to revisit all safety measures once again.

Thank you for all you have done to keep the pandemic at bay in Shark Nation.

Fins Up!

George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D.
Nova Southeastern University

Vaccination Numbers

NSU Student Vaccination Rates by Campus (as of 10/12/21)

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NSU COVID-19 Weekly Reported Cases by Population (week ending 10/17/21)

Fall Classes

Beginning Fall 2021, BlendFlex classes will end and NSU will resume traditional in-person classes and online classes. This in-person requirement is independent of achieving the 80% vaccination goal.

For general instructions on how to set up a Zoom account or for assistance with a Zoom, Canvas, Kaltura, or Sharkmedia issue, please visit the Office of Innovation and Information Technology's support page.

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When you arrive on campus, you’ll notice we made some changes to help keep everyone as safe as possible – including informational posters, more hand-sanitizing stations, and safety plexiglass installations. At NSU, we pride ourselves on our commitment to serving a diverse student population. Grab lunch in the open air or set up a study group via Zoom. However you do your part, let's team up to keep our Sharks swimming in safe waters!

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As we enter a brave new world in education, the success and safety of our faculty and staff are important now more than ever. From innovating online and in the classroom, to preparing our campus facilities with additional health and wellness measures; thanks to your combined efforts, our model of education will continue to be a game changer for students near and far.

As a member of Shark Nation, let's navigate these unchartered waters together by continuing to deliver exemplary education that is recognized worldwide.

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