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NSU Payment Plans

Payment for tuition, fees, and other institutional charges is due in full at the time of registration. However, sometimes, students may need a little extra time to meet their financial obligations. The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Payment Plan is a voluntary payment option designed to provide budgetary assistance in meeting a student’s semester education expenses. NSU students (excluding international students) who wish to defer payment for the semester, may request to enroll in an NSU Payment Plan.  Students who request, but are ineligible for enrollment in, the NSU Payment Plan will receive a notification to their NSU email.  

Enrollment Requirements and Plan Details

  • A student may request enrollment in a 4-month fall, a 4-month winter, a 3-month spring or summer only, or a 4-month fall/winter combination (8 month) payment plan. Each payment plan request must be submitted online prior to the deadlines published below and must be accompanied by a non-refundable, $75 enrollment fee. Requests from students who do not meet the payment plan enrollment requirements will be denied. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that students carefully review all payment plan information before submitting a request.

  • If a parent, guardian, or other person will be making payments on the student’s behalf, NSU requires that the person with the fiscal responsibility to make payments sign the Payment Plan Contract. The student is also required to submit a completed Authorization for Release of Information (ROI) form for the fiscally responsible person. 

  • The amount to be deferred under the contract is calculated based on gross federal loan amounts. The student is responsible for paying any applicable loan fees. Information on loan fees is available on the financial aid website.

  • Students may defer payment for balances remaining on their account after all discounts, financial aid awards/resources, and other credits have been applied. The amount a student may defer under the NSU Payment Plan is based on the information available on the student’s account at the time the Office of the University Bursar creates the Payment Plan Contract. 

  • The amount deferred is calculated as follows:

Estimated Costs–Funding Sources=Amount to be Deferred

Estimated costs include, but are not limited to, tuition, fees, insurance, housing, and meals. Funding sources may include grants, scholarships, loans, and other sources such as the Florida Prepaid College Plan.

  • Students eligible for an NSU Payment Plan will have a Payment Plan Contract sent to their NSU email within three to five business days (unless the university is closed) after submitting the online request.  In order for the Payment Plan Contract to become valid and binding, the student must sign the contract and return it, along with the first payment of the plan, within five business days. 

The contract becomes valid and binding when

(1) the Office of the University Bursar receives the Payment Plan Contract signed by the student (and the fiscally responsible person, if applicable),

(2) all postdated payments in accordance with the payment plan schedule (checks or credit card authorizations) have been received,

(3) the first payment has cleared, and

(4) the student has a completed ROI form on file with Enrollment and Student Services (ESS) for the fiscally responsible person, if applicable.

  • Registration activity or changes in a student’s financial aid award are likely to change a student’s outstanding balance with the university.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of the University Bursar of any changes on the student’s account affecting the final balance owed. Withdrawal from classes does not void the contract, unless the outstanding balance has been paid in full.
  • In the event of a change in either costs or funding sources after the NSU Payment Plan Contract has been signed, necessary adjustments will be made to the final payment due. If the student’s outstanding balance decreases, the Office of the University Bursar will issue a refund after the outstanding payment plan and student account balances have been satisfied.  If the outstanding balance increases, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the difference at the time the final scheduled payment is due.
  • Declined payments will result in a $25 fee and a hold on the student account.  Holds restrict all student services, including but not limited to, ordering transcripts and registering for future classes. The student will be notified of the declined payment and that payment must be rectified within 30 days by credit card, money order, or cashier’s check.
  • Failure to make an installment payment, when due may render the contract null and void and will require immediate and full payment of all remaining charges. NSU will withhold all services from the student—including grades, diplomas, transcripts, and future registrations—until the outstanding balance has been paid in full.
  • If a student has a history of non-payment with the university, the university reserves the right to bar a student from enrolling in a future payment plan.

How to Qualify for an NSU Payment Plan

Before submitting a request for enrollment in an NSU Payment Plan and submitting the $75, non-refundable enrollment fee, students must:

  • have paid all prior balances in full and must be registered for the semester(s) to be covered under the plan
  • review in detail their student account to determine the outstanding balance for the semester as follows:
    • Log in to SharkLink using your SharkLink ID and password.
    • Click on “My Financial Aid” on the left navigation and carefully review your financial aid status, eligibility, and award information for the applicable academic year to ensure that all requirements for disbursement of financial aid have been met. Requirements may include submission of an NSU State Aid Application for undergraduate students who are Florida residents, acceptance of a loan award, completion of a Master Promissory Note or entrance counseling, and other requirements.
    • Students who are receiving financial aid from external sources must submit proof of their external award to the Office of the University Bursar prior to submitting a request to enroll in an NSU Payment Plan.
  • Students planning or required to live on campus must submit their housing application and pay the $500 deposit prior to requesting enrollment in a payment plan. Please note, the $500 deposit is for room and board only and not credited toward tuition. 
  • The following deadlines to request enrollment via the online request form apply:

    • 4-Month Plan
      Fall/Winter Plan – must be received by July 1
      Fall Only Plan - must be received by July 1
      Winter Only Plan—must be received by December 1
    • 3-Month Plan
      Spring Only Plan—must be received by March 1
      Summer Only Plan—must be received by May 1

Request to Enroll in an NSU Payment Plan

Before requesting enrollment in an NSU Payment Plan, students must ensure that they meet all enrollment requirements listed above. Each enrollment request must be accompanied by a $75, non-refundable enrollment fee to be paid online by credit card.

Request a Payment Plan

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