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One-on-One Conflict Coaching

One-on-One Conflict Coaching is an individualized and confidential service available to students interested in developing or enhancing their understanding of conflict and the various styles, skills and strategies for conflict resolution. Coaching is intended to provide the knowledge and support necessary to understand past conflict behaviors and explore more effective approaches. Whether as an educational experience or to address a current conflict the session will be designed to fit the needs of the person seeking assistance.

The service utilizes questionnaire responses to assist students in better understanding their current conflict approach and strategies. Using the results of your questionnaire response, the service can assist you in developing an awareness of your current conflict approach and enhancing your skill for using various approaches and strategies. Role play simulations can also be used to help students develop confidence in using their new skills and knowledge.

For further information or to setup an appointment to discuss any of our services, please call or email us. We look forward to assisting you.

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