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Cell Insight CX7 High Content AnalysisThe ThermoScientific CellInsight CX7 High content analysis (HCA) platform is a fast, automated, cellular imaging and analysis platform designed for quantitative microscopy. This is a highly flexible system with the ability to do: 7-channel fluorescent imaging, 5-channel bright field, 7 channel confocal with software and laser based autofocus for consistent scan times and fully automated plate handling/scanning.

Zeiss LSM 880The Zeiss LSM 880 is equipped with 3 fluorescent channels plus 1 transmitted light channel including a GaAsP detector and full incubation. It has a fully motorized objective turret housing 10X, 20X, 40X and a 63X objective with DIC available. The LSM880 employs the easy to use Zen software platform for acquisition and analysis of imaging data.

EVOS FL Auto Imaging SystemThe EVOS FL Auto Imaging System is a fully-automated, digital, inverted multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system. The EVOS comes equipped with 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X with the ability to do phase contrast. It can image DAPI, GFP, & RFP. It has a fully incubated stage allowing for time lapse imaging experiments.

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