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Cell Therapy Core (CTC) Facility

The CTC provides expertise in isolation of cells from primary tissues, expansion and differentiation of cells including immune and stem cells, genetic modification of cells by viral vectors, and development of cell based therapy products, among other services.  The main aim of the CTC is to support ongoing research at NSU by providing GLP quality laboratory space, various well-established SOP-driven manufacturing processes and technical/lab support by experienced research assistants. We ensure high quality research environment by providing HEPA filter particle controlled antibiotic and Xeno-free GLP-quality cell and tissue processing laboratory.

The objectives of the CTC are:

  • To provide investigators with access to high quality, state of the art, sophisticated technology and methodologies for manipulation of research specimens.
  • To train investigators, fellows and technical staff in the tissue processing and other techniques for cell isolation and characterization.
  • To provide excellent comprehensive customer service in a timely manner.
  • To create a theoretical and practical educational platform for NSU staff and students by organizing seminars, webinars and workshops. 

The CTI occupies approximately 600 sq. ft. of space on the 4th floor of the Collaborative Research Building on the Davie Campus of Nova Southeastern University. It will be equipped with advanced cell and tissue processing instruments such as AutoMACS Pro, CliniMACS, Wave Bioreactor, GentleMACS Octo, Fluorescent Microscopy, copper interior split-door CO2 and hypoxic incubators, Akta Pure chromatography and NanoSight 300. CTC is capable of design, manufacturing, pre-clinical evaluation and optimization of cell therapy products as well as stem cell differentiation (including embryonic, hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells) in addition to long term culture and expansion of various cell lineages and cell lines.

Overall, CTC will support research at NSU by providing various robust automated GLP-quality services increasing the technical and scientific quality of the research as well as minimizing the costs of biomaterials. Finally, by providing technical/experimental support on demand, CTC will also minimize the requirement for hiring research assistants; rather, specific experiments at CTC will be performed by experienced research assistants hired by CTC enabling NSU faculties and laboratories to manage their budget more efficiently and focus it on their ongoing research projects
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