Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact first with IRB questions?

Investigators should contact their college representative which may be found here (

Do I need to make 23 copies?

No.  The IRB office no longer requires 23 copies of your submission documents.  If your study requires full review, please submit 2 copies and 1 original of your submission documents.

Where do I get NSU letterhead for consent forms?

Contact your college representative.

Does the first page of all consent and assent forms need to be on NSU letterhead?

Yes. Please contact your College Representative (see list - for your college's representative.

Who determines if my study is exempt from further IRB review?

College Representatives are responsible for determining exempt status. In no instance is an investigator permitted to make that determination.

Is there anything I have to do after I have approval of my study?

Yes. There are a few things you must remember:

Approval is only good for the period of time stipulated on the approval letter you receive from the IRB office. Federal regulations require that approved studies be reviewed on a continuing basis as defined by the approval granted by the IRB. The IRB office asks that you submit a continuation form ( with the necessary documents at least three months before your study's approval will expire so that your study may be reviewed and approved by the expiration date.

If your study has been approved at the expedited or full review levels, you must submit a final report when your study is complete notifying the IRB that no further activities with human subjects will occur.