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CITI Curriculum by College

Please select from the drop-down menu below the academic college you are affiliated with to determine which CITI Human Subjects training curriculum is required.

You will be provided with the course number and title so that you may register for the correct CITI Human Subjects training on the CITI website at

5. Abraham S. Fischler College of Education - Students

7. College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

6. College of Engineering and Computing

1. College of Psychology, Department of Clinical and School Psychology, Department of Counseling


2. College of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

8. H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship

20. College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography

13. HPD – College of Medicine

11. HPD – College of Dental Medicine

23. HPD Health Care Sciences

12. HPD – College of Medical Sciences

24. HPD College of Nursing

14. HPD – College of Optometry

13. HPD – College of Medicine

16. Pharmaceutical Sciences: This learning group is intended for members of the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and all students performing research with members of the department. There are 5 required modules and several optional modules. If you intend to /do research in an area covered by one or more of the optional modules, then also complete them.

19. Mailman Segal Center for Human Development

18. Shepard Broad College of Law

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