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CITI Training

Protection of Human Subjects Training/Education

Federal Regulations and NSU policy require that for studies involving human subjects, all research personnel must undergo training to ensure the protection of research subjects. Research personnel includes investigators (principal and co-) as well as members of the research team (research assistants) who will be interacting with human subjects or will be handling data (even if they do not interact with the human subjects).

The NSU IRB will only accept human subject training through the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative Program (CITI). All research personnel must complete the CITI: Human Subjects Research Course. This course provides foundational training in human subjects research and includes the historical development of human subject protections, ethical issues, and current regulatory and guidance information.This training must be re-certified every 3 years.

NOTE: The CITI Huamn Subjects Training must be completed prior to beginning the Researcher Qualification xForm and New Protocol Submission xForm in IRBManager.

The CITI Program is a free training service offered to all researchers conducting human subjects research in affiliation with NSU. If you are prompted to pay for the training, please follow the instructions below to remove this fee.

  1. Log into the CITI website.
  2. On the main menu click on “MyCEUs”.
  3. Select “No” under the heading “My CE Credit Status”.
  4. Scroll to bottom of page and click “Submit”.

If you are still prompted to pay after following the above steps, please contact Crystal Bass at 954-262-5376 for guidance on how to correctly register for the free CITI Training Program for human subjects research.

I need to...

To be directed to the CITI website, please click the following link:

Please click on the link below to download instructions for creating a CITI account.

Please visit the CITI program to register and complete the requisite modules. When you register you create your own login and password, but we ask that you be sure to provide as much contact information as possible in the profile section of the registration process.

Please make sure to register for the correct CITI training course. Only 'Human Research' training courses will be accepted for the human participants protection training requirement. Other courses such as Lab Animal (IACUC), Responsible Conduct of Research Gradebook (RCR), CITI Good Clinical Practice (GCP), or Conflicts of Interest DO NOT meet the requirement for human participants protection training.

Each college at NSU selected the modules that their respective investigators would have to complete. Please be sure to register for the correct learner group that reflects the college you belong to. Members of the research team who are not affiliated with another college at NSU must complete the modules within the same learner group as the Principal Investigator on the study.

Click on the link below to download instructions for adding the required IRB training course in CITI.

Please visit our page listing CITI Curriculum by College in order to determine which course you need to take to meet your college or academic unit's CITI Human Subjects training requirement.
  1. Log into your CITI account at
  2. Click on “Main Page”. The courses you have taken should be listed on that page.
  3. Under the 3rd column titled “Completion Report” click on “Print Report”. This will open up a PDF you can either save or print for your use.

 If you still have difficulties printing out your completion report, please contact Crystal Bass at 954-262-5376 or email at so that she can assist you.

NOTE: Save a copy of the CITI Completion Report upon completion of CITI training, as this is a required attachment to your Researcher Qualification xForm in IRBManager. Do not attach the Completion Certificate.

Investigators are encouraged to consult with their College Representative if they have any questions regarding the CITI training required for their college or center.

For login issues and other CITI queries, please contact Crystal Bass at 954-262-5376 or email at

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