CITI Training

Protection of Human Subjects Training/Education

NSU has determined that all individuals involved in research with human subjects, including investigators (principal and co-) as well as members of the research team (i.e. research assistants) must complete the CITI: Course in the Protection of Human Subjects. Each CITI Learner Group is comprised of certain modules. Each college at NSU selected the modules that their respective investigators would have to complete. Members of the research team who are not affiliated with another college at NSU must complete the modules within the same learner group as the Principal Investigator on the study.

Please visit the CITI program to register and complete the requisite modules. When you register you create your own login and password, but we ask that you be sure to provide as much contact information as possible in the profile section of the registration process. Please note that the CITI program must be completed prior to submitting to the IRB for initial review of a protocol, or for continuing review or revision/amendment of a previously approved protocol. Please be sure to register for the correct learner group that reflects the college you belong to.

Investigators are encouraged to consult with their College Representative if they have any questions regarding CITI training. For login issues and other CITI queries, please contact Crystal Bass at 954-262-5376 or email at

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