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NSU Dual Admission Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Allopathic Medical school (M.D.) program offer a dual spot?

It is likely they will, however at this point in time it is not a Dual Admission option.

Are requests to change dual admission program or transition year possible?

Yes. There are two windows of opportunity to formally request this change. After Fall, January 1-15 or after Winter, May 1-15. Students must have one year of coursework under their belt and no more than one year and a half prior to expected transition year. Please visit our webpage for more information and details, Important Reminders for Current Dual Admission Students.

Does Dual Admission require a certain major?

Most programs do not require a specific major. However, those students interested in pursuing the Pharmacy Ph.D. dual program must be chemistry majors.

Is there a Dual Admission scholarship? 

As mentioned in your student agreement, Dual Admission provides a $200 annual scholarship. ($100 Fall/$100 Winter). As long as you are an undergraduate in the Dual Admission program, maintain the required GPA for your program, and attend the Dual Admission events, the scholarship will be renewed.

Do I need to attend the information and transition session? 

Both the information and transition session are mandatory for students to attend. The information session will take place during the Fall term of your Freshman year. Your transition session will take place a year and a half prior to your expected transition to your graduate/professional school. These sessions are critical to your success - please do not miss them.

Do I need to keep my Dual Admission Student Agreement?

Yes. Please keep a copy of your student agreement somewhere easily accessible so that you may refer to it when necessary.

Is Dual Admission available to current NSU students?

Please visit our webpage, Dual Admission Program for Enrolled Students (DAPES) for eligibility requirements and more details.  

Where is the dual admission department located?

We are located in the Carl DeSantis Building, 4th floor.

As a Dual Admission student, what does a reserved seat in my graduate/professional program mean? 

It is reserved and not guaranteed. You must uphold all the requirements listed in your Dual Admission Student Agreement and be successful during the interview process in order to transition smoothly to your graduate/professional school.

Can my graduate professional exam score be super-scored? 

No. Any graduate level and/or professional entrance exam will not be super-scored. Total and minimum scores must be achieved in the same test attempt.



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