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NSU Dual Admission Program

Important Reminders for Current Dual Admission Students

All new Dual Admission students entering in the Fall semester will be invited to a required dual admission information session, which will usually take place in September. These sessions will cover critical dual admission requirements and expectations. You will also find out about some of the valuable university resources available that our Dual Admission students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of. A follow-up online presentation and quiz must be completed through Canvas.
All Dual Admission students should be aware of the minimum GPAs required to remain in good standing in their specific dual admission programs. You can find these requirements in your original agreements, or you can go to the main Dual Admission program page at You must also meet the minimum GPAs at the end of the fall semester prior to transition and maintain until transition. Please note that programs may update their GPA requirements periodically, but you will continue to be responsible for the GPA requirements stated in your agreement. However, you would be subject to any changes in the determination of student status. For students in Dual Admission programs in any of the health professions or law, please be reminded that the calculation of cumulative/science GPA for the purpose of Dual Admission program eligibility will not reflect the “grade forgiveness” policy, all grades for retaken courses will be included.
Most Dual Admission programs have specific pre-requisite requirements, which must be completed at NSU as part of the undergraduate degree prior to transitioning to the graduate/professional program (unless previously completed in advanced high school programs for college credit). You can find these requirements in your original student agreements, and your academic advisor has access to any updates. Dual Admission students should carefully review their academic plans and GPA progression on a regular basis, in collaboration with their academic advisors. For additional information about advising resources, please visit
The Tutoring and Testing Center offers a comprehensive system of support for professional test preparation aimed at enhancing the student testing experience. This program includes individual study planning sessions, by-appointment mock exams, and access to prep material through a lending library. For more information on test preparation resources, please visit: 
All Dual Admission students should be aware if their graduate/professional program requires an exam and what the minimum required score or range is. This information can be found on your student agreement or on the Dual Admission program page at These may change from year to year, or they may be updated to reflect new scoring metrics, and students are subject to these changes. You should be attentive to related updates provided by the Dual Admission program.

All Dual Admission students getting ready to transition to their graduate/professional programs are required to complete the entire graduate/professional application process and successfully complete all exam requirements no later than August 31st (for most programs) of the academic year preceding entrance into the graduate/professional program (please note that some programs have a later deadline, as indicated on the student agreement). For many of these centralized applications, it can take anywhere from four to six weeks to complete the process, so students should begin well before the deadline.

Students should submit their applications as soon as these systems are available and should not wait on test scores. These students will be invited to attend a required program-specific transition session during the fall semester the year prior to the application cycle (typically in November). Example: For students who are transitioning in Summer/Fall 2024, transition session in Fall 2022, the entire application process and exams must be completed by August 31, 2023.

The receiving College reserves the right to make the final judgment on all admission decisions and will do so based on both academic and professional actions/potential.  For the DO program, the college reserves the right to place the matriculant at the Davie or Tampa Bay Regional Campus, pending availability. All Dual Admission students are expected to refer to their agreement to meet all requirements before matriculation.

Requests for a change of Dual Admission program, transition year, or gap semester will be considered under special circumstances. These may be submitted by clicking on the Dual Request Form button below during the review periods, filling out the Dual Request form in its entirety and submitting electronically. Requests are reviewed twice a year, between January 5th to January 15th (after Fall semester) or May 5th to May 15th (after Winter semester) each year, no earlier than 24 credits have been earned at NSU, and no later than the January deadline one full year and a half prior to the original expected transition date to the graduate/professional program, or requested transition date, whichever is earlier. For example, students who are scheduled to transition in 2025, or request to switch to transition in 2025, must submit their requests no later than January 15, 2024. 

Dual admission students are expected to maintain full-time attendance as undergraduate students every fall and winter semester, and transition on time as outlined in their student agreements. Any exceptions, such as a gap semester at the end or taking less credits during a final semester, must be requested in advance following the deadlines and requirements mentioned above. A medical leave of absence must be requested in our office with appropriate documentation following the appropriate university process. 

Students must be in good academic standing in their current Dual Admission program in order to be considered for a change request. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate a switch into our higher demand programs. Students who are approved for a change are subject to the requirements in place in their new program and/or transition year at the time of the change.

Students should discuss these plans and possible implications with their academic advisors, and verify any potential financial aid impact, prior to submitting these requests. *All requests should include a detailed rationale and a proposed academic plan outlining how the remaining courses will be completed.

Dual Request Form

Form will be available during review window periods detailed above.

Disclaimer: Requests such as program change requests when the student is in their transition year, gap year requests, gap semester requests that are not a final semester, and requests when a student is not in good academic standing will not be considered. 

All Dual Admission students should be very attentive to email updates from the dual admission office. These updates may be specific to your status in the program, or general updates or announcements regarding dual admission requirements. You are required to attend information and support sessions/events related to dual admission and complete any related assignments. 

As a reminder, Dual Admission students are expected to maintain full-time attendance as undergraduate students every fall and winter semester, and transition on time as outlined in their student agreements.

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