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NSU Dual Admission Program

Dual Admission Program for Enrolled Students (DAPES)

Currently enrolled NSU students who are interested in one of the following dual admission programs but did not gain admission as an incoming freshman, may apply for consideration only after their first year at NSU if they meet the criteria listed below: 

Specific criteria include:

  • Application materials, including letters of recommendation, will be due on September 15th, the last day of the application cycle. The application will open on September 1st. 
  • NSU Freshman students can apply immediately after completing their first year, applying September 1 - 15 of their second year at NSU. Transfer students from another college institution are not eligible to apply. 
  • Earn a minimum of 28 NSU credits in the first year of college enrollment at NSU (earned credits by exams do not apply) and maintain the minimum GPA required by the program of interest (See drop-down menu below for specific program GPA requirements). 
  • Dual Admission programs that require a science GPA will require at least 8 credits of science/lab coursework at NSU (including at least BIOL 1500 and CHEM 1300). To meet this requirement, students who transfer BIOL 1500 and/or CHEM 1300 college credits through advanced high school programs must take the next appropriate science course in each domain. Only courses with the BIOL, CHEM, and PHYS prefixes at NSU count towards the Science GPA.
  • The DAPES Program is only available for students who entered NSU as first-time college students. However, college credits earned through advanced high school programs (such as concurrent enrollment in high school or award through Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate testing) may apply. These credits would not apply to NSU GPAs. Otherwise, applicants may not have previous college credit prior to NSU or transfer credit earned. 
  • Strong interest to attend graduate/professional school at NSU in the selected domain, as demonstrated by completed coursework and experiences. 

Available dual admission programs for enrolled students (DAPES), and required GPAs per program:

*Calculation of cumulative and science GPA for the purpose of program eligibility will not reflect the "grade forgiveness" policy, all grades for retaken courses will be included.

*Calculation of cumulative GPA for the purpose of program eligibility will not reflect the "grade forgiveness" policy, all grades for retaken courses will be included.

If you have met these requirements during your freshman year at NSU, you are eligible to apply for admission into these dual admission programs after your first year at NSU. Please note that students who enter one of the Dual Admission programs through DAPES that require a 3.2 minimum GPA for DAPES consideration may not be eligible to request a change at a later date to another Dual Admission program that requires a 3.5 minimum GPA for DAPES consideration. Selected students will have a seat reserved in one of these NSU professional/graduate programs contingent on continued successful completion of the undergraduate degree program (specific performance requirements must be met) and appropriate test scores. 

All application materials, including letters of recommendation, will be due on September 15, 2024 (the application will open on September 1, 2024).  You will be required to write a letter of intent and provide three letters of recommendation, two from current NSU undergraduate faculty (for science-focused programs, one of the faculty letters should be from a science lab class) and one from a licensed professional in your chosen field (for health professions, a physician or other licensed health-care professional). All letters of recommendation must include email and phone contact information for verification purposes. Letters must be from faculty or professionals; letters from Graduate Assistants (GAs), Lab Assistants (LAs), or Teaching Assistants (TAs) will not be considered. Please note that the minimum GPA requirements are firm, and only students who meet all posted requirements will be considered for admission.  

For more detailed information about each dual admission program, please visit

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