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Mathematics SI Leaders

Mathematics SI Leaders

MATH 1000

Christine Smith

Hey! My name is Christine. I am going to be an SI for Math1000. I am an engineering major in planning to concentrate on Biomedical Engineering and open my own company in the future. I chose SI because I love helping others realize their academic potential. Apart from SI, I also am the event coordinator for the Women in STEM club, and apart of the Honors College. Some fun facts are that I love the beach, I own my own business, and I have 6 pets!

MATH 1030

Isabelle Gonzalez

My name is Isabelle Gonzalez and this semester I will be a Supplemental Instructor for Math 1030.  I major in Elementary Education on a 3+1 track to complete my degrees. I chose to SI because it will help me prepare for my career while also being able to assist my peers. I am part of the Fischler Academy and Razors Edge Shark Teach programs at NSU. A few fun facts about me is that I work at Disney’s Magic Kingdom during the winter and summers, I love Spiderman, and I love to slay. 

MATH 1040

Martina Campos

Hey everyone! It’s Martina, am a freshman student majoring in Property Management & Real Estate. I will be the SIL in MATH 1040 because I feel comfortable explaining those topics and I would like to give a hand to new freshmen who may be suffering Math from high school. I adore everything that concerns to business, so I am part of the Crypto Club and Personal Finance & Investment Association. I always thought I was terrible at maths and now I cannot believe I will be giving sessions to help others! English is my second language, so I’m always with my Google Traductor at hand just in case! I love interacting with people! Despite I could seem shy if we came across the street, I’m definitely extroverted and love chatting with everyone! 

MATH 1040

Kathryn Ong

Hi I’m Kathryn, I’m a Biology major in my Sophomore year at Nova and I’m the SI for Math 1040. I chose to do SI as I’m interested in being involved with a team that combines collaborative group work and interactive fun as a method to push others to succeed. Currently I’m on the pre-med track as a career I aim to be is a pediatric orthopedist. Some facts about me is that I’ve been playing the violin since I was 7, I’m an avid enthusiast for Origami, and I’m the Art Designer for Village Mentors.

MATH 1200

Alicia Cronin

Hello! My name is Alicia Cronin, but everyone calls me Ally. I’m an SI leader for precalculus. I chose SI since it’s the perfect combination between my major which is elementary education and my minor in math. Other than SI, you might see me on campus playing with my ultimate frisbee team, at the beach with the surf club or with my Student Success mentees. Three fun facts about: I’m from Massachusetts, I love to rock climb and I’ve been to 43 states.

MATH 1250

Amuyla Koritala

My name is Amulya Koritala and I am going to be a MATH 1250 SI. I am Psychology major and a Pre-Health minor. I chose to be an SI because I love teaching and I wanted to help other people succeed in their academic endeavors. I am the treasurer for Pre-Medical Society Club on
campus and I am a member of Phi Sigma Sigma. A few fun facts about me are that I studied Spanish for 10 years so you might see me attempting to sound like a native(and terribly failing). I also used to play the violin for 8 years! Another interesting fact about me is that I love attempting various accents because I find language fascinating.

MATH 2020

Krupa Patel


MATH 2100

Elaine Chen

Hey! My name is Elaine Chen and I am an SI Leader for Calculus I this semester. I am a biology major on the pre-optometry track. I love math and teaching, which is why I chose to become an SI. I am a part of the Tennis Club, Pre-Optometry Society, Asian Student Association, Scientific Literature Society, and Pawsitivity. My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds, I love hedgehogs, and I have finished Candy Crush :). 

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