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Mathematics SI Leaders

Mathematics SI Leaders

MATH 1030

Martina Campos

Hey! Im Martina Campos, junior student majoring in Property Management & Real Estate with a minor in Finance, and return SI leader for MATH1030. I chose to be the leader for this class because I want to be the support for freshmen students, giving them a hand to succeed in the class and also engage within NSU community. My fav club is the tennis one, and crypto! and here we have 2 fun facts: I like tennis but never practiced it for long with a professor. A 2nd one, is that I love any type of investment and am always open to learn more about crypto, finance, real estate, new businesses. 

MATH 1040

Kaitlin Chao 

Hi guys! My name is Kaitlin Chao and I am a sophomore majoring in Biology on the pre-med track! I am also a part of the 4+4 D.O program and I am a MATH 1040 SI leader. The reason why I chose SI was to help people understand difficult concepts in difficult and rigorous classes since I have also struggled with these STEM classes as well. Some clubs that I am apart of at NSU are that I am secretary of NPREMA and vice president of Green Sharks Sustainability Club. Some fun facts about me is that I used to be a high school golfer and I love reading and working out! 

MATH 1200

Meghana Kavarthapu

Hello! My name is Meghana and I’m a SI Leader for MATH 1200. I’m a biology major on the Pre-Med track and I chose to become a SI Leader because I find helping others learn is very rewarding. I’m also the Vice President of Finance for the Inter-Organizational Council and the Treasurer for Artistry. In my spare time, I love to hike; my goal is to hike the entire Application Trail! 

MATH 2020

Seema Patel 

My name is Seema Patel. I am an SI for Math 2020 Applied Statistics. I am a biology major on the pre-dental track. I chose SI because I want to help those that are struggling with subjects that I once was. 

MATH 2020

Kristy Rasmy Basily

My name is Kristy Basily, and I am an SI Leader for Math 2020: Applied Statistics. I am majoring in Biology in the B.S./D.O. program! I chose SI specifically for the ability to grow as a leader in subjects that I enjoy, which, in this case, is statistics! Currently, I am the Vice President of NSU's skincare club, SKIN, a coxswain in NSU's D2 rowing team, a member of OCCM, and an event coordinator of Pre-SOMA! A few fun facts about me is that I'm Egyptian, a violin player, and I know four languages.

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