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Mathematics SI Leaders

Mathematics SI Leaders

MATH 1030

Samarra Merritt

Hello everyone! My name is Samarra Merritt and I will be your Supplemental Instruction Leader for MATH 1030. I am an AP Secondary Social Studies Education major in the Fischler Academy, and I love it! I chose to be an SI leader, specifically for math, because I know how tough that subject can be. But I also know how amazing it can be when you have a support system around you to help you thrive. It's the best feeling in the world when you're finally starting to understand the math concepts that have been confusing for so long. And I'm here to tell you that succeeding in math is possible! Trust me, I went from failing math in high school to achieving all A's in college. And I want to help you do it too! Some interesting facts about me are that (1) my birthday is on Christmas, (2) I kicked cancer's butt in 2019, and (3) Starbucks is definitely in my top 5 things that make me happy. Can't wait to meet you all!


MATH 1030

Christina Arroyo

 My name is Christina Arroyo. I am a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education. I am currently an SI for Math 1030.I chose to be an SI because I like to offer my own tips and tricks that helped me succeed in the course. I am a part of Razor’s Edge Shark Teach and Fischler Academy.I am also a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated and currently hold the Chapter Recruitment and Retention Position. Some fun facts about me is that I have two dogs named Sunny and Charlie, I love watching movies, and I have always wanted to be a teacher :)

MATH 1040

Kathryn Ong

Hi I’m Kathryn, I’m a Biology major in my Sophomore year at Nova and I’m the SI for Math 1040. I chose to do SI as I’m interested in being involved with a team that combines collaborative group work and interactive fun as a method to push others to succeed. Currently I’m on the pre-med track as a career I aim to be is a pediatric orthopedist. Some facts about me is that I’ve been playing the violin since I was 7, I’m an avid enthusiast for Origami, and I’m the Art Designer for Village Mentors.

MATH 1040

Isabella Capone

 Hi, my name is Isabella Capone and I will be an SI for Algebraic Math. I am a Secondary Exceptional Student Education Major with ESOL endorsement. I chose SI because when I was a freshman going to my SI sessions allowed me to have that extra edge in the classroom. I felt like I understood the material at a better level than I ever would have by just taking the course. I want all students to have the opportunity to further their understanding of a course which is why I chose to be an SI. Here at Nova, I am a part of Razors Edge Shark Teach, The Fischler Academy, I am a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon and I am a member of WAVE. One fun fact about me is all summer I worked on Block Island a really small Island off the coast of Rhode Island. Another fun fact about me is I met Nick Jonas when I was 12. My last fun fact about myself is coming to college I was told to say "yes" to everything in the beginning so you meet new people. I would give that same advice to every freshman coming into college now by saying yes you are stepping out of your comfort zone into a whole new world of possibilities!

MATH 1200

Zoe Johnson

 Hello, My name is Zoe Johnson and I am an SI for Precalculus. I am majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and minoring in Dance. I chose to be an SI leader because it is a great way to gain experience since I plan to become a Math teacher in the future. I am a part of Razor’s Edge Shark Teach and the Fischler’s Academy. A couple fun facts about me are I have an extra bone in my back, I love to go to the beach with friends, and I own more than 10 pairs of crocs.

MATH 1250

Vaishnavi Nasani

 I am an SI Leader for MATH 1250/Trigonometry, and I’m majoring in Public Health/pre-health (Dual DO). I chose SI because I enjoy explaining a difficult concept to students and seeing their aha moment when they finally understood it. I also like how interactive the sessions are so the students are working together, but still have a guide to help them out.  I am a part of Junior Pediatrics, and their secretary this year. I am also a part of NSU Veera, and their Vice President.  I am the tallest in my family,and I'm only 5'4. I have watched the show Friends over 5 times. I have been snorkeling with stingrays before. 

MATH 2020

Chantal Murrell

Hi! My name is Chantal Murrell and I am an SI Leader for MATH 2020 - Statistics. At NSU, I am a Speech, Language and Communication Disorders major with a minor in Psychology. I chose SI because I love math and I would love to help others see it's beauty. On campus, I am the President of the International Student Union. Here are three fun facts about me: I love travelling, I've been to 8 different countries, and I was born and raised in the beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. 

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