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Welcome to The Office of Student Success

Our Mission

  • The Office of Student Success promotes a student-centered culture of individual success and academic persistence through collaborative and diverse initiatives .
  • The office provides mentorship to “Student Success Scholars” as they pursue their academic, social, personal, and professional goals.

Student Success Scholars Program

  • The Student Success Scholars is a support program offered to Full-time, First-time in College (FTIC) students or a select group of students included but not limited to the these factors: (1) any students who would benefit from a peer mentorship relationship, (2) First Generation in College (3) enrolled in preparatory courses at NSU, (4) Advisor identification based on High School performance and/or standardized scores
  • This program was established to support student success in and out of the classroom with a focus on mentoring and reaching your goals at NSU.
  • 2 Year program that provides guided mentorship from a peer mentor who best matches the needs and goals of the student scholar.
  • $250 or $1,000 scholarship for students who meet all the requirements of the program. (If you maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or Higher you will receive a $1,000 scholarship, if you maintain a cumulative GPA between a 2.5 to 2.8 you will receive a $250 scholarship). 
  • A strong support system can make a big difference in how students navigate the changes and challenges the college experience brings and will be a factor in finding success at NSU.
  • Students will face unique experiences as they begin their exciting college journey, and we look forward to supporting our scholars and bringing this community together as Sharks.
  • The office hosts various events including “Tools for Success”, which is a series of workshops designed to assist students in adapting to university life and achieving overall success at NSU.
  • Click Here for a full program overview.

Purpose of this program is to establish a mentoring relationship that will provide our “Student Success Scholars” (mentees) with the opportunity to realize their academic, professional, and personal development goals while in college

Razor’s Edge & Presidential Scholars Sophomores/Juniors serve as our mentors to our “Student Success Scholars” and receive hands on training to support their mentees transition into college.


Mentee Testimonials

"As a first-generation college student, this program has really helped me. It gave me a resource, someone I can go to in order to help answer my questions about college life, as it is all fairly new to me. My mentor has made me feel comfortable, that I can come to them at any time with any question I have and they will get the best possible answer they can for me… even if they don’t have the answer at the moment, they make sure that they find out where I can find the right answer. "

"My mentor goes above and beyond to send me weekly tips that they believe will help me to succeed at college in the best way that I can! The weekly seminars are timely and filled with useful information but broken down in a way that I can best grasp it."

"Since being accepted into this program, I've received the support I've needed in my academic career, including an amazing mentor who shares my major, making it easier for us to discuss future plans. Not only does it assist me in my degree, but it also assists me in other ways, such as helping me find opportunities and improve my networking skills.

"The program has assisted in my transition from high school in a variety of ways, not only in the college experience but also guidance in regards to living in Florida. My mentor has taught me a substantial amount such as impactful studying tips, smart living strategies, and overall time management skills.”

"The Scholars program helped me organize my academics a lot better. I have learned new things from my mentor and through workshops including organization skills, FAFSA process, study tips, and more. There is always something new to learn through the program"

“What I've learned so far is that me and my mentor have a lot of similarities and were able to communicate with each other very well. My mentor makes sure that I'm getting engaged and getting to know people around school and being able to come out of my comfort zone."

"My mentor is a great influence on me and she makes sure that I'm on track and I'm staying focused on my schoolwork. I'm very glad that I have a mentor and can ask for assistance of guidance when I need it”

“I was not sure what to expect from my mentoring experience, but it has been nothing but beneficial in numerous aspects of my life. My mentor  has not only acted as a supportive friend but is an amazing resource for any questions I have regarding clubs, classes, or simply adjusting to college life."

“What I have learned from my mentor is very helpful tips on what to do while in college. For example, when I am stressed out with work, how to navigate around campus, and planning out my schedule for future years to come. Learning this is making me gain knowledge on different ways to get engaged on campus and academic tips for college.”

“My mentor helps me become a better person in multiple ways. He motivates me to study and is always helpful if I don’t fully understand something. He also motivates me to workout and become more involved in campus life.”

“I have recently been going through a lot of trouble in my social life, and my mentor has been there for me through it all.”

“My mentoring experience has help me to be open minded and participate in school activities such as joining clubs , sports or even getting a job on campus. We have meeting on zoom and in person to chat and get know one another as well as just checking in and being there.”

Fall Semester Scholarship Requirements

  • Meet with Mentor at least three times a semester
  • Meet with Tutoring & Testing Center and/or Writing Center
  • Attend at least one Financial Aid Event/Webinar or listen to recording
  • Attend at least one Student Success Event/Webinar
  • Must be in good academic standings (2.5-2.8 cumulative GPA or higher)
  • Earn a minimum of 5 Student Success Points 

Winter Semester Scholarship Requirements

  • Meet with Mentor at least three times a semester
  • Meet with Tutoring & Testing Center and/or Writing Center
  • Attend at least one Student Success Event/Webinar
  • Must be in good academic standings (2.5-2.8 cumulative GPA or higher)
  • Earn a minimum of 5 Student Success Points 

Student Success Point System

  • Attend additional Student Success Events/Webinar (2 Point per event)
  • Additional In person/Zoom Meetings with Mentor (2 Points per meeting)
  • Additional Meetings with Edge Advisor (2 Points)
  • Additional Meetings with Student Success Coach or Tutor-Tutoring & Testing Center (2 Points)
  • Additional Meetings with Writing Center (2 Points)
  • Attend Faculty Office Hours (2 Points)
  • Supplemental Instruction Sessions (2 Points)
  • Attend additional Financial Aid Event/Webinar (2 Points)
  • Attend a Campus Life Event, SLCE event, or any University event (1 Point)
  • Join a student club/organization on campus (1 Point)
  • Attend Study Session Prep Event (1 Point)

Emilio Lorenzo

Emilio Lorenzo

Director of Student Success 

Office of Student Success Office (954) 262-7207 | Cell (954) 319-3673



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