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Online Degree Application for Diplomas and Certificates

Important Instructions

  • Take a moment to review your online transcript (i.e., degree, certificate, major, grades, etc.) in SharkLink using your email user name and password. Should you find any discrepancies, immediately notify your academic adviser/program office.
  • Review your account for existing holds and/or outstanding balances.
  • Complete and submit your Degree/Diploma Application, which is a requirement for the awarding of your degree or certificate.

Your degree application should be submitted by the time you reach your final academic semester. Existing holds and outstanding balances will not prevent the awarding of your degree or certificate but failure to complete and submit a degree application in a timely manner will affect your award date. Understand, however, that even while your degree will be awarded, no diploma, certificate, transcript, or degree verification will be released until all financial obligations are met.


Diploma/Certificate Mailing Address Changes and Special Punctuation
If your address changes after you have applied for your degree or certificate, you must  email to request that it be mailed to your new address and then update SharkLink. Updating SharkLink alone does not automatically update your diploma or certificate mailing address. Not providing a correct address to will cause a delay in receiving your diploma/certificate and could result in an additional fee. Please provide your NSU ID number in the body of all correspondence.

Please Note: If special punctuation characters such as tildes (ñ) or umlauts (ä) are required for your diploma name, email, For additional assistance or information, call 800-541-6682, ext. 27200.


Your NSU email after graduation

As you are about to graduate, we urge you to consider your options regarding the retention of your NSU email account. While you will always be an NSU Shark, and we encourage you to stay involved as an active member of the Alumni Association, your access to NSU systems (e.g., email, SharkLink) will expire if no action is taken. Reasons you may wish to actively maintain your NSU account include the following:

  • Access to transcripts, tax documents, financial aid records
  • Subscriptions/licenses linked to your NSU email

If you wish to actively retain your NSU email and SharkLink login credentials after your graduation, you may consider the options below:

  1. Regularly log in to your NSU email/SharkLink account and comply with NSU account usage and password reset requirements (Passwords must be reset every 90 days).
  2. Request to retain your NSU account credentials by contacting the SharkIT Center.

NSU students who have left the university will typically be able to use the university’s retrieval resources accessible from NSU’s SharkLink login page as long as their personal information (specifically, the phone number on file used for two-factor authentication) has not changed.  

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