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Administration of PCI Systems

To access and administer devices on the NSU PCI network, administrators will need to use 2-factor authentication.  This process requires the administrator to log into NSU’s VPN system using their Active Directory credentials.  Once the AD credentials are validated, a token is provided to the user via SMS (phone text) which is then used to complete the login process.  This process requires the administrator to not only have a valid NSU AD account, but also a valid DUO account which contains the necessary information (such as a cellular phone number) to send the token to.  If this has not yet been completed, please access the OI2T Support Portal to submit a ticket.

There are two options that users have in order to perform the necessary 2-factor authentication through DUO.  One option is to receive the passcode through a simple SMS message.  Once the passcode is received, the user manually enters that information into the login screen.  Another option is to use the DUO mobile app that is available on Android or iPhones devices.  The mobile app allows the user to simply accept an authentication attempt popup on their cell phone and not have to type in the passcode into the login screen.

The following links contain information on how to connect to PCI devices using the required authentication process either through a standard SMS text message, or through the mobile app.

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