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Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Compliance Program

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) has updated NSU's Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Compliance Program to drive greater awareness and proper disclosure by faculty and staff of potential conflicts of interest. The program consists of an interactive online training module, a review of the updated Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Policy, and completion of a disclosure statement.

The training is located on the Shark Talent platform (accessible via your Sharklink account) and should be completed within 45 days of the training being assigned.

If you are a full-time or part-time faculty member (adjunct faculty are excluded) or a staff member at the level of Director or above, you are required to complete this training. New employees or employees promoted to a position at the level of Director or above will be automatically enrolled into this online training course.

Below, we have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the overall training program and how to navigate the online training. If you have additional questions, direct them to

Program FAQs

  • Nova Southeastern University must ensure that all decisions made by or influenced by faculty/staff members are objective and in the best interest of the University rather than for the benefit of the faculty/staff member. In addition, the University must also ensure that the time and/or effort devoted to external activities/relationships does not interfere with the faculty or staff member’s fulfillment of assigned University responsibilities, or results in the unauthorized use of University resources.
  • Completion of the Conflict of Interest Compliance/Conflict of Commitment Program will ensure you 1) understand what constitutes a conflict of interest or commitment and 2) properly disclose your involvement in activities that may interfere with your primary obligation and commitment to the University.
All faculty and staff members at the level of Director and above.
  • You will complete disclosure statement as part of the Conflict of Interest Compliance Program, and then on an annual basis, on October 15th, you will be e-mailed the instructions to complete another disclosure statement.You will not be required to repeat the training program.
  • All full-time and part-time faculty and staff are under a continuing obligation to report any actual/potential conflicts and/or changes in a previously reported conflict to the Dean or Vice President by submitting a new Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Declaration & Disclosure Statement.
  • New hires or staff members receiving promotion to Director or above will be required to complete the Conflict of Interest Compliance/Conflict of Commitment Compliance Program, which includes the completion of a disclosure statement. Going forward, completion of a disclosure statement will be required on an annual basis.

The Dean or Vice-President will review your disclosure information and, in consultation with OHR, determine whether it represents an actual or potential conflict of interest or commitment, and what action, if any, should be taken to eliminate or mitigate the conflict.

You will be contacted by your Dean or Vice-President to discuss the reason why you did not complete the required training and/or disclosure statement. Any subsequent action taken is at the discretion of the Dean or Vice President.

Technical Support FAQs

An Email will be generated to launch the training. Log in to SharkLink and access the Shark Talent Management Suite link from the “Applications” tab, then locate the training item on the link “View Your Transcript” under the tab “Learning”. A new window will open up as you launch the training program (be sure to allow popups for your browser).
  • The training works best with Internet Explorer or MS Edge browsers; Google Chrome can also be used.
  • The training launches in a pop-up window so enable pop-ups in your browser.
  • If using Google Chrome as the browser you will need to enable Flash and popups to allow the training module to play.
  • If using Chrome, also allow cookies and flash to run; click on the Not Secure to change the settings.
  • The training should load in the pop-up window within a few seconds. 
  • If you are still having trouble, you should contact your campus’ OIIT Tech representative for help with your system.
  • There are four steps for the Conflict of Interest Training, each step has to be completed to advance to the next step. It is likely that you have missed a hyperlink, tab, question or video which must be reviewed before advancing. 
  • On Step 4 please complete the questionnaire, if you answer “No” to any question, please comment with N/A in the comment section.
  • There are several things that may cause this. If you have tried all the following and are still having difficulties, please Access the OI2T Support Portal to submit a ticket.
  • The training works best with Internet Explorer or MS Edge browsers; Google Chrome can also be used.
  • Make sure that pop-ups are enabled.
  • Make sure that you are able to view the entire window - there are some sections that require you to click on a highlighted tab or button that is near the edge of the window. You may need to scroll to find these if your window is smaller than the training viewing area. 
NSU does not require you to provide a hard copy certificate of completion, unless your supervisor requests it. SharkTalent tracks completion. However, if you would like to print from SharkTalent, follow these steps:
  1. From the SharkTalent Welcome Page, on the “Learning” tab dropdown, select “View Your Transcript”.
  2. On the Transcript page, open the first training filter dropdown labelled “Active” and select “Completed”.
  3. On the Completed Trainings Page, locate the training by name and select the button “View Completion Page”.
  4. On the Training Completion Page, click on the option “View My Certificate”. 
  5. Follow your regular processes to print to a printer and/or safe the certificate as a PDF.
No – the programs must be accessed on a desktop computer as SharkTalent is not accessible on mobile platforms. 
  • The training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The estimated time frame presumes that the coursework is the user’s singular focus and doesn’t account for the myriad of distractions that many of us face in the performance of our daily duties. The training will pause if you try to multitask while completing it, which will extend the time it takes for you to complete it. For some users, the training may take longer to complete than estimated, here. 
  • Please be advised, you do not need to complete it all at one time. You may also take as long as you need to complete the training and return to it as often as you require for completion. It is recommended that you return to the training via Sharklink and SharkTalent, as oppose to relying on your browser history.
Yes. The training saves your progress so you can take breaks and pick up where you left off. You do not need to complete it all at one time.
Yes. There are interactive features and questions throughout the program.
HR Contacts have access to review reports. You can view your own progress within SharkTalent. In Shark Talent, on the “Learning” tab dropdown, click on“View Your Transcript”. If you are assigned to the training but have not yet completed it, it will still be listed when the first dropdown reads Active. If you have completed it during this current fiscal year, you will find it listed under the dropdown Completed. For trainings completed in a prior year, select the Archived dropdown and the training should show that you have completed it.
Yes. Reviewing the content in SharkTalent after completion requires a few easy steps:
  1. From the Shark Talent Welcome Page, click on the “Learning” tab, then select “View Your Transcript”.
  2. On the “Transcript” page, open the training filter dropdown and click “Active”, then select “Completed.”
  3. Find the course titled, “Conflict of Interest” in this list of your completed courses.
  4. Click to the right of the “View Completion Page” link, select “Launch” from the dropdown.
    • Before the program launches, you will be prompted to decide between reviewing the course or re-taking the course. Select the option to review the course. When “Conflict of Interest” launches, you may use the “Menu” icon on the top right to move through the curriculum at your own will and pace.
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