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NSU Scholarship Search Tool Tips

Tip #1: Don’t Limit Your Search to Your College

By selecting “Student Affairs”, “Other,” or “ESS Scholarship Department Awards” you can locate scholarships that are available to students from many different NSU colleges and centers.

Tip #2: Leave Fields Blank

You don’t have to enter/select all information to conduct a search. For instance, some scholarships do not have GPA or residence requirements. Conduct a search of institutional scholarships and leave the GPA and/or the residence selection blank to locate these scholarships.

Tip #3: Bookmark the Featured Scholarships page

Regularly visit the featured scholarships page. These scholarships are updated weekly and are normally only available for a short period of time.

Tip #4: Tips for Entering High School Students

NSU offers many scholarships to entering high school students, including academic scholarships such as the NSU President’s Scholarship and the NSU Dean’s Scholarship, as well as co-curricular scholarships such as the Razor’s Edge Scholarship.

To identify many other NSU scholarships, conduct a broad search by inserting your high school GPA and selecting “institutional” as your category. This type of search will produce all institutional scholarships you may be eligible for based on your high school GPA.

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