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Undergraduate Student Scholarships

NSU offers many scholarships. Some are based on academic standing and leadership qualities, others on your major, grades, ethnicity, and any number of things that are special about you. Three of our outstanding scholarships are listed below. To find more, visit our Scholarship Web page

NSU President’s and Premier Scholarship »
Full Tuition award program, with additional scholarship funds for new main campus day students who are selected as Premier recipients and who demonstrate high academic ability toward living on campus. For more information and application details, please visit our Scholarship page.

NSU Dean's Scholarship »
A scholarship based on past academic achievement. For more information and application details, please visit (Scholarship page)

Razor's Edge Program »
A $21,000 scholarship for active first time in college students passionate about leadership and service. For more information and application details, please visit Razor's Edge Program.

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