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Where's my Money?

Disbursement of Financial Aid Funds

Student financial assistance is regulated by a complex web of federal and state laws and institutional guidelines. This can make the process through which students apply for and receive financial aid rather complicated. Since regulations change frequently, students must make the extra effort to remain educated about each source of funding and associated obligations and renewal requirements.

The best way to stay informed is to regularly monitor your financial aid and student accounts in SharkLink and to carefully read all emails sent by the financial aid office. Before accepting your financial aid award, be sure to review and understand the Terms and Conditions of Your Financial Aid Award.

Common reasons that may prevent your financial aid from being awarded or disbursed:

  • You have not completed the FAFSA for the academic year for which you are awaiting aid. This must be completed annually.
  • You have been selected for verification and have not completed additional requirements.
  • You have outstanding loan requirements, such as an Entrance Interview or Master Promissory Note (MPN). Careful! There are different entrance interviews and MPNs for different loans.
  • Your FAFSA was flagged, and you have to submit additional documentation/information. This may happen for various reasons, such as a recent name change, default on a loan, selective service registration for males, conflicting citizenship documentation, etc.
  • You have reached your aggregate (life-time) loan limit and are no longer eligible to borrow federal loans.
  • You have not been fully admitted into an eligible degree or certificate program.
  • You are not registered for the minimum number of degree-applicable credits. For instance, to be eligible for federal loans, you must be enrolled at least half-time in courses that are financial aid eligible.
  • You have not accepted your award in SharkLink.
  • You have failed Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • You have a missing grade and your annual SAP review is pending.
  • You did not meet renewal requirements for your scholarship and/or grant.

Each student’s situation is different, and there may be other reasons that may prevent your funds from being awarded. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid. We are here to help!

For guidance on viewing outstanding financial aid requirements, refer to the instructions on accessing your financial aid account.

Contact Financial Aid and Academic Records

Horvitz Admin. Bldg
3300 S. University Drive,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33328-2004
(954) 262-3380
Fax: (954) 262-3966

Contact Financial Aid and Academic Records 

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