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SAP Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards is important because students who fail to meet SAP will not be eligible for Title IV federal and Florida state financial aid for the following academic year. SAP standards are used to measure a student's progress to ensure that he or she is progressing toward graduation.

Yes. ALL coursework taken, including, but not limited to repeated, incomplete, failed, and attempted coursework, and transfer credits are included in pace and maximum timeframe calculations.

No, only coursework taken after you have earned your conferred degree or certificate is included in the SAP evaluation.

Students who are in danger of failing SAP at the mid-year review will be sent an email to encourage them to work toward meeting SAP by the annual end-of-year review. The mid-year notice is for informational purposes only and does not affect current year financial aid.

Students who have failed to meet SAP at the end-of-year evaluation will be notified accordingly by email to their NSU email address. 

Students may also view their academic progress status online by following the steps below:

  • Login to SharkLink using your User Name and Password.
  • Locate the Financial Aid widget on your dashboard and click on the More Details button (Requirements tab). 
  • On your Self-Service Banner Financial Aid dashboard, select Satisfactory Academic Progress from the ribbon on the top.  

The SAP evaluation process is run after all your grades are posted for the last semester/term in your academic year. Please review the chart below for information on your specific program.

Academic Year Mid-Year Review Final Semester SAP Evaluation
three-semester programs
January summer semester end of summer semester
three-semester programs
August/September winter semester end of winter semester
four-term programs January spring term end of spring term
two-semester programs January winter semester end of winter semester

For missing grades, contact your faculty or instructor.

Your mid-year SAP review notice alerts you that you are in danger of failing SAP in your program of study for the current academic year. We recommend that you contact your academic advisor to discuss strategies for meeting NSU's annual SAP requirements.

Mid-year notices are for informational purposes only and do not affect current year financial aid.

If you have failed SAP you are ineligible to receive any federal and state financial aid for the following academic year. You may have financial aid eligibility reinstated after the next annual evaluation provided you successfully meet all SAP requirements during that year. Future year tuition and fee charges will be your responsibility while you work toward regaining your financial aid eligibility.

If you have experienced extenuating circumstances beyond your control, you may appeal the denial of student financial aid by submitting a completed SAP Appeal Form. For more information on the SAP Appeal process, visit the SAP Appeal and Academic Plan.

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